hammerax 4" spanky

Hammerax 4" Spanky

The Hammerax 4" Spanky is a two layer stack effect. It's tone is quick and short. Perfect as an accent effect. Sits really well above the bell of a ride cymbals. Check out the... 


hammerax 8" bash

Hammerax 8" Bash

The Hammerax Bash is an 8" stack effect that really packs a punch. Hammerax Effects are more than just stacking old cracked cymbals. These effects are designed to project yet ... 


hammerax 11" crash course

Hammerax 11" Crash Course

The Hammerax 11" Crash Course features three independent layers geared to produce some mid-range fury. The sound can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the wing nut. The C... 


hammerax 11" slap

Hammerax 11" Slap

The Hammerax 11" Slap emulates an open hi hat. The Sound of the Slap can be adjusted by tightening the wing nut. It is coated in a thin sleek black finish. The coating is thin... 


hammerax 9" slap

Hammerax 9" Slap

The Hammerax 9" Slap offers aggressive sound and sleek styling. Designed to emulate an open hi hat, the sound of the Hammerax Slap can be adjusted by tightening the wing nut. ...