Innovative Percussion

innovative ip-hsz sweepz

Innovative IP-HSZ Sweepz

Innovative Percussion Sweepz feature a fanned bundle on the butt end of the Innovative Hybrid drumset stick. Similar to the IP-HBB Flipz, the Sweepz give the player the abilit... 


innovative general series gt4 hard staccato timpani mallets

Innovative General Series GT4 Hard Staccato Timpani Mallets

The General Timpani Series is the latest addition to our selection of timpani mallets. After many requests from percussion educators and performers, the GT series was designed... 


innovative ip5a xylo/bell combo sticks

Innovative IP5A Xylo/Bell Combo Sticks

The Innovative Percussion IP5AX features the 5A combo stick with a xylo/bell mallet on the butt-end. 


innovative fundamental series stick bag

Innovative Fundamental Series Stick Bag

The Innovative Percussion SB-3 Fundamental Stick Bag features plenty of room for a lot of sticks and mallets, this bag makes the perfect general purpose stick bag for both ... 


innovative field series fs350r very hard rattan marimba mallets

Innovative Field Series FS350R Very Hard Rattan Marimba Mallets

This line of mallets is designed with durability, projection, and tone quality in mind. The winning combination of hand crafted quality and field tested designed has led this... 


innovative jim casella ip1004 soft cord vibe mallets

Innovative Jim Casella IP1004 Soft Cord Vibe Mallets

These mallets are designed to the specifications of leading marching percussion specialist Jim Casella. This series has been designed to meet the demands of both the indoor a... 


innovative percussion corps style practice pad

Innovative Percussion Corps Style Practice Pad

The Innovative Percussion CP-1 Corps Style Practice Drum Pad features a thin 1/8" gum rubber surface with a pre-installed plastic laminate surface. This surface combination r... 


innovative field series fs150x soft heavy birch marimba mallets

Innovative Field Series FS150X Soft Heavy Birch Marimba Mallets

The Innovative FS150X is a heavier versions of our FS150 model offering extra weight in the cores and oversized birch handles (11/32″ diameter) to provide for brighte... 


innovative ip5at timpani combo sticks

Innovative IP5AT Timpani Combo Sticks

The Innovative Percussion IP5AT features their 5A combo stick with a medium hard timpani mallet on the butt-end. 


innovative pius cheung pius6 very hard marimba mallets

Innovative Pius Cheung PIUS6 Very Hard Marimba Mallets

The Innovative Percussion Pius Cheung Series Marimba Mallets features six models with rubber cores of varying hardness. Constructed on rattan handles, each model is wrapped... 


innovative field series ft3 soft hickory marching tenor mallets

Innovative Field Series FT3 Soft Hickory Marching Tenor Mallets

The Field Series Multi-tom Mallets feature a unique design and unsurpassed balance, making them an essential tool for todays marching percussionist. These mallets are availab... 


innovative fundamental series f5 soft vibraphone mallets - rattan

Innovative Fundamental Series F5 Soft Vibraphone Mallets - Rattan

Innovative Percussion F5 Soft Vibraphone Mallets feature rattan handles, a rubber core to create a full rich tone, and tightly woven multi-ply cord for increased durability... 


innovative slim broomz

Innovative Slim Broomz

The BMZ1 Slim Broomz by Innovative Percussion are the perfect way to create a unique sound in between the brush and Bundlz models. They create a “fat” backbeat ... 


innovative field series fb4 large marching bass drum mallets

Innovative Field Series FB4 Large Marching Bass Drum Mallets

The Field Series Marching Bass Drum Mallets again feature our unique and innovative fulcrum notched heartwood hickory shaft creating a drumstick-like feel and balance. Gradua... 


innovative walnut steel drum sw3 double second mallets

Innovative Walnut Steel Drum SW3 Double Second Mallets

Lightweight wood handle with walnut stain. 8.5" Innovative Percussion is pleased to offer steel drum mallets that will cover the standard voices in a steel drum ensembl... 


innovative lalo davila lsld timbale sticks (4 pair)

Innovative Lalo Davila LSLD Timbale Sticks (4 pair)

The LSLD is designed to the specifications of Lalo Davila, percussionist and singer for the Salsa Band Orkesta Eme Pe, as well as percussionist with Take-6 and Vickie Carr.... 


innovative ipgtx timpani and xylo/bell combo mallets

Innovative IPGTX Timpani and Xylo/Bell Combo Mallets

The Innovative Percussion IPGTX features the GT3 timpani mallet with a xylo/bell mallet on the butt-end. 


innovative orchestral series os10 rattan practice mallet

Innovative Orchestral Series OS10 Rattan Practice Mallet

Are you tired of wearing earplugs in the practice room or being that annoying xylophone player in the orchestra hall distrupting the tuning process? Both problems can be so... 


innovative percussion grey work shirt

Innovative Percussion Grey Work Shirt

The Innovative Percussion 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Work Shirt features the Innovative Percussion patch above the front left chest pocket and comes in the lovely Grey color. ... 



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innovative field series fst1 soft timpani mallets

Innovative Field Series FST1 Soft Timpani Mallets

The Field Series Timpani Mallets are constructed using solid red oak handles for excellent balance and control. The result is a slightly heavier mallet, as compared to our Co...