Unaccomp. Solo

burton-solo (collection)-v

Burton-Solo (collection)-V

Solo is a collection of several of Gary Burton's original solo works, ranging from moderately difficult to very advanced. All are imminently playable and come with cho... 


friedman-mirror from another-v

Friedman-Mirror from Another-V

David Friedman's Mirror From Another is a very popular collection of solos for vibraphone. This set of six solo works for vibraphone is written by one of today's lea... 




SUOMINEITO is Finish, the language of "Suomi" people, as the Fins call themselves and it means "Finish girl" This quiet melancholic composition was inspired by an original fol... 


jobim-chega de saudade (no more blues) arr. burton-v

Jobim-Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) arr. Burton-V

Gary Burton's performance of "Chega De Saudade" from the Grammy award winning recording "Alone at last" is quite possibly the most famous solo vibraphone performance to date... 


rosauro-two reflections: concert pieces for solo vibraphone

Rosauro-Two Reflections: Concert Pieces for Solo Vibraphone

Ney Rosauro's Two Reflections consists of 2 concert pieces for solo vibraphone - I) Brazilian Landscape is a fantasy that depicts a musical journey throu... 


deane-mourning dove sonnet - v

Deane-Mourning Dove Sonnet - V

Christopher Deane's Mourning Dove Sonnet is for solo vibraphone, using techniques that are unique to the instrument. This piece should not be performed unless the playe... 


schmitt/glentworth-blues for gilbert/reve curieux-v

Schmitt/Glentworth-Blues for Gilbert/Reve Curieux-V

Blues for Gilbert is not a formal blues composition, rather, it is Mark Glentworth's attempt to express his mood on learning of the death of his teacher Gilbert Webster... 


huesgen-trilogy for vibraphone-v

Huesgen-Trilogy for Vibraphone-V

Tim Huesgen's Trilogy for Vibraphone has become "standard" for concerts, recitals, jury exams and just for enjoyable playing. Trilogy is a beautiful work that i... 


debussy-arabesque-v-arr. ervin

Debussy-Arabesque-V-arr. Ervin

Claude Debussy's famous Arabesque is perfectly suited to the vibraphone, particularly in this arrangement by Karen Ervin Pershing. This piece requires great independen... 


green-george hamilton green's xylophone solos (solo part only)-x

Green-George Hamilton Green's Xylophone Solos (Solo part ONLY)-X

George Hamilton Green's Xylophone Solos is a collection of previously unavailable arrangements for ragtime xylophone solo. Made up of popular songs from the 1920s, the... 


zivkovic-funny mallets: funny xylophone bk. 1-x

Zivkovic-Funny Mallets: Funny Xylophone Bk. 1-X

Funny Mallets: Funny Xylophone Book 1 is a collection of basic xylo solos for the intermediate percussionist. DER KLEINE PAGANINI (1996) is written for xylophone and pl... 


albeniz/williams-asturias-leyenda, preludio-v

Albeniz/Williams-Asturias-Leyenda, Preludio-V

Originally scored for piano, this prelude garnered worldwide popularity when Andrés Segovia transcribed and performed the work on guitar in the 1920s. Leyenda has since... 


molenhof-music of the day-v

Molenhof-Music of the Day-V

Music of the Day features 6 original compositions for solo vibraphone (vibraharp) by Bill Molenhof. Each of these solos is listed as Grade 5 (medium-advanced) "... 


babbitt-concerto piccolino-v

Babbitt-Concerto Piccolino-V

Concerto Piccolino by Milton Babbitt is dedicated to Peter Jarvis and the Composers Guild of New Jersey and was composed in 1999. This in an advanced level vibraphone ... 


rosauro-prelude & blues-v

Rosauro-Prelude & Blues-V

Prelude and Blues is a charming and entertaining work in two sections by Ney Rosauro, suitable for any kind of concert. According to Percussive Notes Magazine it is "A ... 


deane-apocryphal still life, the-v

Deane-Apocryphal Still Life, The-V

The Apocryphal Still Life was written by Christopher Deane upon the request of the Percussive Arts Society to be performed by contestants for the 1996 Vibraphone Compet... 


bach-bach for mallet percussion-powley-mal

Bach-Bach for Mallet Percussion-Powley-Mal

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 2-4 Instrumentation: Mallet Instrument 


kotche-fantasy on a shona theme-v or m

Kotche-Fantasy on a Shona Theme-V or M

Fantasy on a Shona Theme by Glenn Kotche originated from a mbira melody transposed to vibraphone. The opening right-hand melody emulates the cyclical, rolling feel of S... 


bagilet-argentinean suite-v

Bagilet-Argentinean Suite-V

Pablo Bagilet's vibraphone solo entitled Argentinean Suite is a four-movment work featuring varying tempos, timbres, and some unique sounds. This fantastic new piece... 


friedman-texas hoedown-v

Friedman-Texas Hoedown-V

Texas Hoedown is an infectiously driving groove piece for solo vibraphone by David Friedman with a written out solo section. David's gifted vibraphone student, Taiko Sa...