Marimba Mallets

innovative ludwig albert ip3107b hard birch marimba mallets

Innovative Ludwig Albert IP3107B Hard Birch Marimba Mallets

This line of professional keyboard mallets by Innovative Percussion has been specifically designed for Belgium marimba artist Ludwig Albert III. The eight models, previously o... 


balter ensemble series fiberglass 13f medium blue yarn

Balter Ensemble Series Fiberglass 13F Medium Blue Yarn

The cornerstone of the Mike Balter keyboard mallet line. These single-tone yarn wound mallets feature solid rubber cores that are the ideal weight for general playing. Their p... 


balter contemporary series rattan 81r hard purple yarn

Balter Contemporary Series Rattan 81R Hard Purple Yarn

This light-weight, dual-tonal, wool yarn wound series provides improved dexterity and smooth rolling for today's accomplished marimba soloist. Type: Purple Yarn Han... 


balter ultimate series birch 112b hard green cord

Balter Ultimate Series Birch 112B Hard Green Cord

The Ultimate Series is designed to produce a full, rich, warm sound with a very strong fundamental. Heavily weighted rubber cores with a latex underlayment wound with an extre... 


innovative robin engelman ip702 soft ensemble yarn mallets

Innovative Robin Engelman IP702 Soft Ensemble Yarn Mallets

This series of mallets is designed to meet the meticulous demands of NEXUS percussionist and composer Robin Engelman. The multi-percussion/bass marimba mallet was designed to... 


marimba one katarzyna mycka kmr2 hard rattan mallets

Marimba One Katarzyna Mycka KMR2 Hard Rattan Mallets

The Katarzyna Mycka Professional Mallet Series are wrapped very tightly with all synthetic yarn. The combination of synthetic yarn and the tight wrap gives the immediate re... 


malletech kevin bobo kb8 soft birch marimba mallets

Malletech Kevin Bobo KB8 Soft Birch Marimba Mallets

Kevin Bobo is currently serving as Assistant Professor of Percussion at The University of Kansas. He has performed nationally and internationally as a solo recitalist, clin... 


encore nz8b nancy zeltsman boomer bass birch marimba mallets

Encore NZ8B Nancy Zeltsman Boomer Bass Birch Marimba Mallets

The Encore NZ8B Nancy Zeltsman "Boomer Bass" is a specialty bass mallet with very little attack for specific situations when you want that transporting, "dark chocolate" sound... 


balter performing artist series birch 52b hard green trim grey yarn

Balter Performing Artist Series Birch 52B Hard Green Trim Grey Yarn

The Performing Artist Series with medium weight solid cores provides an exquisite fundamental along with a mellow, rich tone. The additional weight of these elongated grey woo... 


balter universal series birch 182b med. hard to hard brown yarn

Balter Universal Series Birch 182B Med. Hard to Hard Brown Yarn

The Mike Balter Universal Series offers an array of multi-tonal models. Loosely wrapped wool yarn wound heads around heavy, hard cores with various underlayments that change t... 


marimba one wave wrap wwr4 medium soft rattan mallets

Marimba One Wave Wrap WWR4 Medium Soft Rattan Mallets

The new “equatorial” Wave Wrap mallets feature a clear sound across an expanded range of the keyboard. It is our most articulate and responsive series to date!... 


balter shadow series black birch 224bb soft red trim black cord

Balter Shadow Series Black Birch 224BB Soft Red Trim Black Cord

These extremely well-balanced mallets were developed expressly for the concert marimba soloist. The black cord wound oval-shaped head on a long Black Birch Handle produces an ... 


vic firth ensemble series keyboard - medium soft

Vic Firth Ensemble Series Keyboard - Medium Soft

Vic Firth M152 Ensemble Series Marimba Mallets produce a warm, full-bodied sound with excellent clarity for the lower two-thirds register. Medium soft. A popular choic... 


malletech michael burritt mb21z medium to medium hard birch marimba mallets

Malletech Michael Burritt MB21Z Medium to Medium Hard Birch Marimba Mallets

Two-toned, soft to hard. Suitable for when sudden color and dynamic changes are necessary. Mike is internationally respected as a marimba virtuoso, composer and teach... 


vic firth gifford howarth marimba mallets - very soft

Vic Firth Gifford Howarth Marimba Mallets - Very Soft

Vic Firth M160 Gifford Howarth Marimba Mallets are huge sounding low-end mallets. Great for cello suites or general use bass mallets. Produces a full overtone-rich bass sound.... 


promark psm20 medium soft birch marimba mallets

Promark PSM20 Medium Soft Birch Marimba Mallets

Pro-Mark Performer Series Marimba Mallets are designed specifically to fit the needs of the most discerning player. The high level of craftsmanship and tonal qualities through... 


innovative ludwig albert ip3108b extra hard birch marimba mallets

Innovative Ludwig Albert IP3108B Extra Hard Birch Marimba Mallets

This line of professional keyboard mallets by Innovative Percussion has been specifically designed for Belgium marimba artist Ludwig Albert III. The eight models, previously o... 


marimba one ivana bilic ibr6 medium soft rattan mallets

Marimba One Ivana Bilic IBR6 Medium Soft Rattan Mallets

The Marimba One Ivana Bilic model IBR6 Power Bass mallets combine weight, and robust and rich sound, with articulation. It is heavier and harder than the IB5, and makes the... 


promark jeff moore jm12 medium soft birch marimba mallets

Promark Jeff Moore JM12 Medium Soft Birch Marimba Mallets

JM12 Jeff Moore Medium Soft Marimba The JM12 is a new and improved version of its predecessor, the JM3, and is a medium soft marimba mallet on a birch handle... 


vic firth virtuoso series keyboard mallets - soft

Vic Firth Virtuoso Series Keyboard Mallets - Soft

Vic Firth M210 Virtuoso Series Soft Marimba Mallets create a beautiful singing sound in the low register. Designed for the solo marimba performer, the Vic Firth Virtuo...