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lp splash cymbal claw (lp592s)

LP Splash Cymbal Claw (LP592S)

The LP Claw is the most unique mounting system of its kind in the world. Introduced in the early eighties, it has since become a standard among studio engineers, drum techs, d... 


10a-lp claw - microphone version   (-u-)

10A-LP Claw - Microphone Version (-U-)

The LP Mic Claw ensures solid placement of microphones on snare drums, toms, congas and amplifiers. The Z shaped 3/8" diameter microphone rod allows for close, as well as exte... 


sabian 12" xs20 splash cymbal with lp splash claw

Sabian 12" XS20 Splash Cymbal with LP Splash Claw

The Sabian XS1205BLPC includes a 12″ XS20 Splash and a free LP592S Claw . The fast, bright response from this small, extra-thin cymbal is great ...