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lp claw - percussion version

LP Claw - Percussion Version

The LP Percussion Claw allows you to add almost any mountable percussion instrument, including LP Cowbells, LP Jam Blocks or LP Cyclops Tambourines anywhere on drum set... 


lp claw - small claw - body only

LP Claw - Small Claw - Body Only

The is the Body of the LP Claw only. The eye bolt will fit a standard 3/8" mounting rod. 


lp claw - splash cymbal version

LP Claw - Splash Cymbal Version

The LP Splash Claw gives you the ability to mount cymbals, up to 16" in diameter, on any rimmed drum. All types of cymbals, including LP Ice Bells can be placed with ea... 


lp claw microphone version

LP Claw Microphone Version

The LP Mic Claw ensures solid placement of microphones on snare drums, toms, congas and amplifiers. The Z shaped 3/8" diameter microphone rod allows for close, as well as exte...