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7th Grade - Fall

Product Model Price Quantity
Innovative Vintage Series IP5A Hickory Drumsticks INN-IP5A $9.95
Innovative Orchestral Series OS4 Forte Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets INN-OS4 $38.95 Out of Stock
Innovative Rattan Series AA25 Medium Vibraphone Mallets INN-AA25 $54.95
Innovative Soloist Series IP240 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP240 $42.95
Innovative Soloist Series IP300 Med Hard Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP300 $42.95
Stone-Stick Control for the Snare Drummer 32749 $10.95
Peters-Fundamental Method for Mallets Vol. 1 11806 $31.50