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Appalachian State University

The following are lists of materials required for various areas of study at Appalachian State University. All entering freshmen should make an effort to purchase most or all of the materials in the "Freshman - Required Equipment" list before arriving on campus in the fall, though you may not need some items until later in the year. Substitutions or supplementing from your existing equipment is perfectly fine, if your gear is of the same professional quality.

The accessory instruments can be acquired over a number of semesters, as dictated in the Percussion Studies Handbook.

The "Texts/Methods/Repertoire" list is a place to find commonly used materials for lessons -- you do not need to purchase these items until requested by the instructor.

All additional equipment and repertoire will be talked about on a case-by-case basis in lessons, studio class, and percussion ensemble. Students should plan to continue expanding their implement collection throughout their time at App State. If you have any questions about purchasing any materials, please let Dr. Spitz know --