Association for Percussion Education

For those of us in the percussion community who are performers and educators we know Steve Weiss Music has the best prices and always keeps a ton of product in stock so it’s our “go to” place when we need pretty much anything percussion related. But for those of you who are not percussionists and yet are educators who teach and deal with percussion on a daily basis, you may not know about Steve Weiss Music and may often have questions about percussion in general.

While I would love to give you all the reasons why you should be using Steve Weiss for your percussion purchases, we’d like to go a step further. We’d like to help you, the educator, especially if you are not a percussionist. We want to be a complete resource for all of your questions and your needs for your percussion section. We have an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience contained here in our staff and we want to share it with you.

You may have seen the “education” section of other sites and thought, “But I don’t need to know about this special pro drumset or that special amplification”, or, “these videos are great for my students, but I have a bunch of questions about what stuff to buy, or what I should be teaching at certain grade levels, or what other schools are doing about specific percussion issues”. Those questions are the ones Steve Weiss Music wants to help you answer. Therefore, we are excited to announce the formation of the Steve Weiss Association for Percussion Education (APE). That's right, “APE”. Steve has had the “King Gong” nickname and the gorilla on his logo since Frank Zappa named him that in the 80’s, and we thought APE would fit right in!

The mission of APE is to provide you with a multitude of resources toward a better percussion education for you and your students. We intend to provide web content, podcasts, live streaming workshops, round table discussions and education in general, in any form that we can. Plus, it is an “association” so we want people to be the backbone of this entire endeavor. We want to attract percussion specialists and educators but especially want those who are not, so that they can give us their perspective as to what teachers really need. We want to discuss products, budgets, rubrics, methods, assessment, performance expectations, behavior, technology, etc., all to improve your understanding of the percussion idiom and to improve your percussion section overall. We want this to be a give and take of ideas between all of us so we can be the best resource possible.