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9th-12th Grade

These are suggested supplies for Bartlett High School 9th-12th grade percussionists. You need to have 1 pair concert snare sticks, 2 pairs (4 total mallets) matching medium yarn mallets, 1 pair xylo/bell mallets, 1 pair timpani mallets, and a stick/mallet bag for class. You may purchase whatever you need to complete these requirements based on what you already own, and your personal preference. Select your necessary supplies from the suggested implements on this list.
Product Model Price Quantity
Innovative Dan Moore DM21 Medium Vibe/Marimba Mallet INN-DM21 $52.49 Out of Stock
Innovative AA25B Medium Birch Vibraphone Mallets INN-AA25B $48.49
Liberty One Stick & Mallet Bag (01S) SW-01S $21.95
Innovative Mark Ford IP813 Medium Hard Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP813 $48.49
Innovative James Ross IP902 Med Soft Xylo/Bell Mallets INN-IP902 $36.95
Malletech Bob Becker BB34 Medium Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets "Becker Blues" MAL-BB34 $34.49
Ahead Drumstick Mallet Tower AH-AASMT $69.01
Salyers Jeff Moore Signature Concert Snare Drumsticks SAL-JM2 $11.95
Liberty One Basic Stick Bag (02S) SW-02S $9.95
Innovative Ludwig Albert IP3105B Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP3105B $48.49
Vic Firth American Custom Timpani T1 - General VIC-T1 $32.99
Salyers Doug Demorrow Xylophone Mallets - PVC SAL-DD600 $35.95
Innovative IPLD Lalo Davila Hickory Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-IPLD $12.49
Innovative IPJC James Campbell Hickory Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-IPJC $12.49 Out of Stock