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6th Grade Beginner Percussion

The following is a complete list of what will be required for 6th Grade Beginner Percussion in addition to the Tonal Energy tuner app (available on your device's app store). It is designed to set you up for success in your early years of percussion and allow for proper growth and development as you advance to High School. Everything listed in the '6th grade' tab must be purchased before the first day of school in the fall so that your child can participate from day one.
Product Model Price Quantity
OffWorld Percussion Outlander Practice Pad - Small OWP-OUTLANDER-SM $36.27
Liberty One Lightweight Concert Snare Stand SW-SS700EX $59.95
Promark TXC2W Concert Two Snare Drumsticks PRO-TXC2W $16.99
Innovative Sandi Rennick Series Medium Marimba Mallets INN-IP4002 $41.95
Innovative James Ross IP902 Med Soft Xylo/Bell Mallets INN-IP902 $36.95
Innovative General Series GT5 Ultra Staccato Timpani Mallets INN-GT5 $31.95
Innovative Fundamental Series Stick Bag INN-SB3 $23.49
Bingaman-Firm Foundations for the Beginning Percussionist BINGAMANFIRMFOUNDATIONS $41.99