remo dorado cajon - amber with natural faceplate

Remo Dorado Cajon - Amber With Natural Faceplate

The Remo Dorado Cajon Is made from an amber stained Birch Ply Wood in California USA. The Face plate is fixed and left with a natural color stain. Fixed faceplate means the Ca... 


pearl sambajon cajon

Pearl Sambajon Cajon

The Pearl Sambajon Fiberglass cajon has two playing surfaces. First a traditional hardwood front faceplate. The Second is a padded, cloth-covered side that produces a Brazi... 


meinl snarebox cajon accessory

Meinl Snarebox Cajon Accessory

The Meinl Snarebox Cajon Accessory is an accessory designed to deliver extra tones and rhythms in your Cajon set up. The Snare Box contains contains two internal snare wires. ... 


meinl artisan festejo line flamenco cajon

Meinl Artisan Festejo Line Flamenco Cajon

Meinl has the Artisan Edition Festejo Cajons hand made in Peru, the birth place of the Cajon. Meinl did this to satisfy the most demanding players. The wood used in the Fes... 


meinl mountable cajon snare

Meinl Mountable Cajon Snare

The Mountable Cajon Snare creates a way to add the sound of a snare cajon to your percussion or drum set. A sound port allows a sharp snare cajon sound to fully resonate. T... 


pearl 3d cajon

Pearl 3D Cajon

The Pearl 3D Cajon features 3D graphics on the sides of the hardwood body. The Internal snares are raised to create a larger bass strike zone. The inside the faceplate is c... 


remo crown percussion fixed face plate cajon - black with quick wedge snares

Remo Crown Percussion Fixed Face Plate Cajon - Black With Quick Wedge Snares

Remo Crown Percussion Cajon has the removable Quick Wedge Snare System creating a great bass tone with clear snare separation. The Remo Crown Percussion Cajon has a traditi... 


meinl cajon2go series - stand-up cajon

Meinl Cajon2Go Series - Stand-Up Cajon

The Cajon2Go Series Stand-Up Cajon is a perfect cajon alternative for any type of performance that requires players to be on their feet. This instrument features an all bir... 


meinl headliner series cajon african white ash

Meinl Headliner Series Cajon African White Ash

. The MEINL Headliner® Series Cajons deliver the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco or World Music. They are also very useful during ... 


meinl jam cajon

Meinl Jam Cajon

The Meinl Jam Cajon delivers a big sound in a smaller than normal Cajon size. Meinl developed this series to deliver deep bass tones and smooth crisp slaps. The size of thi... 


meinl artisan festejo peruvian style cajon

Meinl Artisan Festejo Peruvian Style Cajon

Meinl has the Artisan Edition Festejo Peruvian Cajons hand made in Peru, the birth place of the Cajon. Meinl did this to satisfy the most demanding players. The wood used i... 


meinl hybrid slap-top cajon

Meinl Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon

The Meinl Hybrid Slap-Top Cajon features a unique design with contrasting playing surfaces on opposite sides to give players different sonic and dynamic alternatives. Not o... 


lp americana series 10" two sided snare cajon

LP Americana Series 10" Two Sided Snare Cajon

The LP Americana Series 10" Two Sided Snare Cajon is designed through a collaboration with Drum Workshop. The portable snare cajon can be added to a percussion kit on a sna... 


pearl sonic boom flame thrower cajon

Pearl Sonic Boom Flame Thrower Cajon

The Pearl Sonic Boom flame Thrower Cajon is made In The USA. This Cajon features a Flame Maple faceplate that adds a new voice to the Sonic Boom family. Two strategically p... 


roland ec-10m el cajon mic processor

Roland EC-10M El Cajon Mic Processor

The Roland EC-10M ElCajon Mic Processor includes a condenser mic attenuated specifically for the Cajon and a processor containing a wide range of tones triggered by the per... 


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vic firth cajon promo pack with free t-shirt

Vic Firth Cajon Promo Pack with Free T-Shirt

This Vic Firth Promotional Cajon Package includes the Vic Firth Cajon Bru-llet, Vic Firth Cajon Beater and Vic Firth Flag T-Shirt. Cajon Bru-llet T... 


gon bops daniel de los reyes signature cajon

Gon Bops Daniel De Los Reyes Signature Cajon

The Gon Bops Daniel De Los Reyers Signature Cajon is crafted from the finest cuts of poplar wood. This wood was selected for it's superior warmth and resonance. The interna... 


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lp americana kevin ricard signature string cajon

LP Americana Kevin Ricard Signature String Cajon

The LP 1424 Kevin Ricard Cajon is a premium Cajon with an independently tuned D'Addario guitar strings. The front striking surface is made Heartwood with a resonating body of... 


lp americana ambrosia maple wire cajon

LP Americana Ambrosia Maple Wire Cajon

The LP Americana Ambrosia Maple Wire Cajon is a two voice Cajon meaning two of the sides are playing surfaces. One is the flamenco style with snare wire, the other is a Per... 


meinl arch bass cajon

Meinl Arch Bass Cajon

The Meinl Arch Bass Cajon features features a unique shape that enhances the low note. The curved shape of this instrument allows for the bass notes to develop delivering d...