meinl cajon rack

Meinl Cajon Rack

The Meinl Cajon Rack is a perfect height for seated cajon players. The purpose of this rack is to keep necessary percussion accessories close by. Another key feature of the... 


weiss cajon and roland ec-10m microphone processer pack

Weiss Cajon and Roland EC-10M Microphone Processer Pack

This Exclusive Package comes with the the Weiss Slap cajon and the Roland EC-10M Microphone Processor opening up a wide range of tones and Cajon Microphone options for stag... 


meinl nino bongo cajon

Meinl Nino Bongo Cajon

The Nino Bongo Cajon is a great sounding cajon in a size suitable for children. A playing surface is divided into two sections, for high and low pitches. It can be held bet... 


lp peruvian solid woodbrick cajon

LP Peruvian Solid Woodbrick Cajon

The LP Peruvian Solid Woodbrick Cajon is made of solid Walnut, Mahogany and Almond wood. This combination of wood creates one of the most unique looking cajons in the world... 


vic firth cajon promo pack with free esbred stick bag

Vic Firth Cajon Promo Pack with Free ESBRED Stick Bag

This Vic Firth Promotional Cajon Package includes the Vic Firth Cajon Bru-llet, Vic Firth Cajon Beater and Vic Firth Red Essentials Stick Bag. Cajon Bru-llet... 


lp peruvian solid wood ultra bass cajon

LP Peruvian Solid Wood Ultra Bass Cajon

The LP Peruvian Solid Wood Ultra Bass Cajon is a Caribbean-style instrument designed for low accents and foundations of rhythmic patterns. The Pine body and Higuerilla soun... 


schlagwerk x one nature cajon

Schlagwerk X One Nature Cajon

The Schlagwerk X One Nature Cajon is quality instrument for a small price. This Cajon For beginners and the price-conscious who want to get the maximum of sound & longevity fo... 


pearl box cajon bag (psc1213cj)

Pearl Box Cajon Bag (PSC1213CJ)

The Pearl Cajon Bag features an external pocket, padded interior, heavy-duty zipper, rubber feet and a carrying handle. Fits most Pearl cajons. 


meinl artisan edition cajon - tango line - limba

Meinl Artisan Edition Cajon - Tango Line - Limba

The Meinl Artisan Edition Cajon Series Tango Line Limba Cajon has a resonating body made from 9 layer birch wood. Birch resonates pretty evenly across the tonal spectrum ma... 


lp cajon kit

LP Cajon Kit

The LP Cajon Kit is perfect for the musician looking for a smaller alternative to a drum set. The collaboration between Drum Workshop (DW) and Latin Percussion (LP) deliver...