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Pro Pack

Below you'll find the percussion materials that you will need for the Castleberry High School Pro Pack. I strongly suggest purchasing ALL of the items on this list. Substitutions from the Intermediate Pack are allowed. You do not need to buy items you already own, unless it has been suggested. - Mr. Dwyer
Product Model Price Quantity
Salyers 12" Double Sided Practice Pad SAL-SPAD12D $34.95
Liberty One Extended Concert Height Snare Drum Stand SW-SS800EX $59.95
Liberty One Mallet King Mallet Bag with Backpack SW-MKBP $99.99
Salyers Jeff Moore Signature Concert Snare Drumstick SAL-JM2 $11.95
Salyers 5A Hickory Drum Sticks SAL-SP-5A $9.95
Salyers Jeff Moore Signature Marching Snare Drumstick SAL-JM1 $10.95
Salyers Performance Collection Rattan Mallets - Medium Rubber SAL-PCX42 $25.95
Salyers Percussion Kirk Gay Ultra Staccato Timpani Mallets SAL-KG6 $47.49
Salyers Percussion Kai Stensgaard Signature Marimba Mallets - Medium Hard SAL-KS40 $39.49
Salyers Mark Sherman Rattan Vibraphone Mallets - Medium Hard SAL-MS1 $43.95
Salyers Performance Collection Rattan Mallets - 1.125" Poly SAL-PCX13 $29.95
Salyers Percussion Kirk Gay Medium Hard Timpani Mallets SAL-KG4 $47.49
Vic Firth High-Fidelity Earplugs VIC-EARPLUG-X $14.95 Options Available