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Christopher High School

Welcome to the Christopher High School band program! This page was created in order to make you the most successful percussionist you can be during your time with us, and for any future endeavors in your musical career. Listed below are three categories: Lesson Materials, Suggested Materials, and Desired Music Major Materials. In order to take private lessons, it is mandatory that you purchase all items listed in the Lesson Materials section. Additional items may need to be purchased as time goes on. Your instructor will let you know if that may be the case. The Suggested Materials category is a list for those who wish to expand their collection. Although these items aren't mandatory to purchase, they will still be useful in a later period of your percussion career. The Desired Music Majors category is a list of the most common repertoire required for most college auditions. If you wish to become a music major, you and your instructor will go over the necessary materials needed depending on which college(s) you wish to apply to. This list also gives an upgrade to your mallet collection that better suits what college adjudicators look for in your gear selection.