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Concert Hardware

Grover Accessory Mounting Post

The Grover Accessory Mounting Post allows players to mount percussion accessories on a standard 3/8" rod bracket. The following Grover products are compatible. ... 

Gibraltar Crotale Stand Base

The Gibraltar Crotale Stand Base is designed to support the full weight of an octave of Crotales and mounting bar. The heavy duty double braced legs ensure stability and mi... 

LP Percussion Table Extension Wing (LP762A)

The LP Percussion Table Extension Wing extends the LP percussion table surface size. 12" W x 19" D Can be mounted on either side or both sides of table... 

Liberty One Rack - Double Accessory Mount

The Liberty One Double Accessory Mount is used on the One Rack System. This allows for 8mm accessories to be mounted on both sides of the One Rack Bar. 

Liberty One Rack - 6 Gong Mount

The Liberty One Rack 6 Gong Mount is designed to mount a sextet of small gongs. A prefect choice for Norgard's I-Ching. This system mounts between two standard cymbal stand... 

Pearl Single Post Adapter for PTT1824 & PTT1212

This Pearl Single Post Adapter is designed to clamp on the side of the PTT1824 or PTT1212 percussion tray allowing accessory percussion to be mounted on the included knurled p... 

Grover Pro Triangle Arm with Multi Stand Adapter

The Grover triangle Arm is a solid aluminum "L" arm fits any 3/8" mounting bracket. This allows the suspension of any triangle for maximum resonance. Included is the Multi ... 

Liberty One - 8mm Wing Nuts (10 Pack)

Cymbal Stand Wing Nuts fit 8mm cymbal stands. This is the most common threading for cymbal stands. Pack of 10  

One Beat Better 14" Hex Tray

The One Beat Better 14″ Hex Percussion Tray is an excellent tray for sticks, brushes, mallets or accessories. This tray mounts on to any standard 8mm cymbal stand by usi... 

Black Swamp Percussion Posts For MultiPlate (Set of 2)

This is Black Swamp Percussion Posts for MultiPlate. Comes in a set of 2. 

Liberty One Rack - 8mm Threaded Post

This 8mm Threaded Post is part of the Liberty One Rack System. This rod features a 8mm threading on each end. This acts as an extender for bridging percussion stackers togethe... 

Pageantry Innovations AR-10 Concert Percussion Rack

The Pageantry Innovations AR-10 Concert Rack features 1.5" square steel tubing and a multi-tier design. This allows for a large amount of instruments and accessory trays to... 

Pearl Concert Bass Drum Suspension Mounting Hook - Set of 12

This replacement Pearl Suspension hook set is used on the STBD Bass Drum Shell to connect the suspension bands to the hooks on the stand. -Set of 12 BD014 

Roc-N-Soc Peg-It

The Roc-N-Soc Peg-It is a footrest for the MS and NR Thrones. This easily attaches to the leg of the throne providing a stable comfortable footrest.  

One Beat Better Magnetic Hook for Tray table

With the One Beat Better Magnetic Hook you can easily expand the storage capacity of the Hex Tray or 1420 Percussion Tray. These hooks are a great way to hang additional pe... 

Gibraltar 3416 X-Style Concert Bass Drum Stand

The Gibraltar 3416 X-Style Concert Bass Drum Stand is height adjustable. This stand will fit most concert bass drums.  

Pearl Straight Rod & Clamp Add On For PTR-1824

Expand your percussion set up with the Pearl Straight Rod & Clamp Add On For PTR-1824 

Liberty One Crotale Stand Base

The Liberty One Crotale Stand features a double braced base providing the stability needed for the weight of a crotale set. The post accepts a .75" post of a crotale mounti... 

Epstein Cymbelt Posts

The Epstein Cymbelt Posts allow the use of the Cymbelt with suspension or hoop mounted concert bass drums. It's easy to swap out the Cymbelt washer and nut for the Post with a... 

Pearl Angled Rod & Clamp Add On For PTR-1824

Expand your percussion set up with the Pearl Angled Rod & Clamp Add On For PTR-1824. 

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