ritmo bongo cowbell - high pitch

Ritmo Bongo Cowbell - High Pitch

This Ritmo Bongo Bell or hand bell is the high pitch of the series. Ritmo Cowbells excel in producing a clean tone rich with sustain. This is achieved by each bell being hand ... 


rhythm tech rt3005 studio series 5" cowbell

Rhythm Tech RT3005 Studio Series 5" Cowbell

The Rhythm Tech Studio Series RT3005 Cowbell is a cha-cha style bell. This delivers a dry cutting musical accent accent. The Rock Lock Mounting System is a eye bolt wing nu... 


lp chad smith signature rock ridge rider cowbell

LP Chad Smith Signature Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell

The LP Chad Smith Signature Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell is based off the design of the time tested Ridge Rider Cowbell. This bell features the ridge dampener that controls sou... 


lp signature karl perazzo bongo cowbell

LP Signature Karl Perazzo Bongo Cowbell

The LP Karl Perazzo signature Cowbell is based off the classic LP Bongo Bell. This bell features a memory lock mount that firmly holds the bell in place under heavy playing... 


lp raw beauty cowbell with free lp-1208 mount

LP Raw Beauty Cowbell with FREE LP-1208 Mount

The LP Raw Beauty Clear Coat Cowbell with comes with a free LP-1208 Mount. This allows the bell to be mounted to any standard cymbal stand for easy integration into a drum ...