Deschler Percussion

Deschler Percussion offers the customer top quality mallets at an affordable price. The limited product line simplify the process of finding the right mallet. This leaves the player more time for practice and performance.

Deschler Soft Turquise Yarn Rattan Mallets

The Deschler 113 model mallets are soft, turquoise colored yarn with an over sized oval head and rattan handles. This model is a good choice for 2 mallet work in the lower re... 

Deschler Extra Soft Yellow Yarn Rattan Mallets

The Deschler 01 model mallets are Extra Soft, yellow colored yarn with a medium large oval head and rattan handles. This model is good for low register marimba applications a... 

Deschler-Eight Study Works

Eight Study Works is a collection of advanced rhythmic studies for the snare drum. 

Deschler-Snare Drum Solo #1

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Snare Drum 

Deschler-Winner, The (S-n4)

Number of Players: 4 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation: Player I: Snare Drum Player II: Snare Drum Player III: Snare Drum ...