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Basic Requirements

The following are required materials for the Percussion Program at Dr. Phillips High School. Students are strongly advised to purchase either the basic requirements or advanced requirements within the first few weeks of school. For questions, contact Mr. Malhiot at Matthew.Malhiot@ocps.net
Product Model Price Quantity
Humes & Berg Galaxy Stick Bag (GL8000) HUM-GL8000 $15.49
Promark Concert One and Concert Two Drumsticks Bundle PRO-TXC1W+TXC2W $21.95
Innovative Orchestral Series OS4 Forte Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets INN-OS4 $38.95 Out of Stock
Vic Firth Robert Van Sice Marimba Mallets - Medium VIC-M114 $49.99
Salyers Percussion Kirk Gay Medium Hard Timpani Mallets SAL-KG4 $47.95