Drum Keys & Tuning Forks

Ludwig Standard-Drum-Key

The Ludwig P41 Standard Drum Key works on any regular key bolt drum. 

Gibraltar Standard Drum Key

The Gibraltar 4244 Standard Drum Key fits all standard tension rods with 1/4" socket. 

Gibraltar Tri Drum Key Tool

The Gibraltar GTK Tri Drum Key Tool is three tools in one. This key includes a drum key, hex key and phillips head screwdriver, all in one easy to use package. 

Gibraltar Drill Bit Drum Key

The Gibraltar DB Drill Bit Drum Key fits into most electric screwdrivers and drills. This drill bit makes changing drumheads a breeze. 

Gibraltar Wing Key All in One Adjustment Tool

The Gibraltar Wing Key SC-GWK is the tool no drummer can live without. It has a standard drum key socket, a 1/2" socket for conga drums, timbales and bongos. Plus, it even tig... 

Vic Firth High Tension Drum Key

The Vic Firth High Tension Key has a slightly extended "T" for faster and tighter tuning. A rubber grip is added for comfort and a carabiner for quick access.  

DrumDial Bearing Edge Conditioner

The DrumDial Bearing Edge Conditioner is perfect for prepping and tuning your drums. Strengthens and conditions the top of the bearing edge where it contacts the drum... 

Evans Drill Bit Drum Key

Chrome-plated and drop-forged for extreme durability, the Bit Key has a ¼″ hexagonal shaft for use with most cordless drills and screwdrivers.  

Tama Drum Multi Tool

The Tama TMT9 Multi Tool collects an array of useful tools every drummer should have at their disposal, including a variety of hex wrenches, drum key sockets, a Phillips sc... 

Yamaha Standard Drum Key

Yamaha standard drum key.  

Pearl Standard Drum Key

The Pearl K080 Standard Drum Key provides the basic coverage needed to tune almost every drum made. 

Liberty One High Tension Drum Key

The Liberty One High Tension drum key is built to withstand the high tension demands of today's marching ensembles while being ergonomically comfortable for all tuning applica... 

Meinl Tuning Fork - A 440

The Meinl Tuning Fork is made in Germany and tuned precisely to the Standard Pitch of 440Hz. The tuning fork features an ergonomic shaped grip for comfort. 

Remo Quicktech Drum Key - Large

The Remo Quicktech Drum Key is the tool needed to achieve tuned drums. This key is designed to fit standard tension rods allowing the user to tighten or loosen the rods and... 

Pearl Spin Tight Drum Key

The Pearl Spin-Tight Drum Key is required for use with Pearl Spin-Tight tension rods. Also fits regular tension rods. 

Vic Firth Multi-Tool Drum Key

The Vic Firth Multi-tool Drum Key tool combination features a 4mm hex wrench, a 3mm hex wrench, a Philips head screw driver and a snap-on drum key bit for the 4mm hex wrench. 

Tama Drum Key

The Tama TDK10 is a specially designed drum key that offers both fine and fast tuning. It is shaped and rounded to perfectly fit your fingers. The knurled knob at the end of t... 

LP Tuning Wrench (LP227A)

The LP Tuning Wrench is designed to tune congas, timbales and some high-end bongos Double Sided - 1/2" ~ 9/16" Rubber Grip  

Liberty One Drum Tool

The Liberty One Drum Tool comes jam packed with 13 tools commonly used on drums and percussion. This pocket size virtual tool box takes up little space while being giant on... 

Liberty One Standard Drum Key

This is the standard Liberty One Drum key. The key fits most standard 4 sided tuning and tension rods. A percussionist can't have enough of these stashed in every pocket.