Drum Sticks

promark tx717w rick latham wood tip drumsticks

Promark TX717W Rick Latham Wood Tip Drumsticks

As a renowned author, performer and clinician, Rick wrote the book on funk drumming. His Advanced Funk Studies is a modern classic. Length: 16"; Diameter: 0.551" 

promark pw727w japanese oak wood tip drumsticks

Promark PW727W Japanese Oak Wood Tip Drumsticks

Diameter is about half-way between the 7A and the 5A, but it's longer. A great middle-of-the-road stick. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: 0.531"  

bopworks mel lewis drumsticks

Bopworks Mel Lewis Drumsticks

Bopworks Mel Lewis Drumsticks are an exact recreation of Mel's sixties era 7D drumstick. Standard sixties taper with full acorn tip and Mel's signature in blue. A true Bop cla... 

promark pw707w japanese oak ed shaughnessy 707 wood tip drumsticks

Promark PW707W Japanese Oak Ed Shaughnessy 707 Wood Tip Drumsticks

Ed is best known as the anchor of the Doc Seversinson Band. As a clinician, hes one of the busiest and best. Wood Tip. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: 0.551"  

innovative vintage series ip7a hickory drumsticks

Innovative Vintage Series IP7A Hickory Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion is proud to introduce this new drumset stick. The IP7A features a similar profile to our other standard models but with a smaller diameter of .535". ... 

vic firth signature series - buddy rich nylon tip drumsticks

Vic Firth Signature Series - Buddy Rich Nylon Tip Drumsticks

Vic Firth SBRN Buddy Rich Nylon Tip Drumsticks are a modified 5A with a larger tip, neck and shoulder. Length: 16 5/16" Diameter: .590" 

vic firth signature series - aaron spears drumsticks

Vic Firth Signature Series - Aaron Spears Drumsticks

Vic Firth Aaron Spears SAS Signature Drumsticks feature a medium shaft stick with a long smooth taper into the neck and then to the tip. The longer taper creates a well balanc... 

vic firth american heritage 7a drumsticks

Vic Firth American Heritage 7A Drumsticks

Vic Firth AH7A American Heritage Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a tear drop tip. The AH7A is great for music that requires a light touch. Length: 15 1/2" Diameter:= .5... 

regal tip 2b nylon tip drumsticks

Regal Tip 2B Nylon Tip Drumsticks

Length: 16" Diameter: .655" 

innovative vintage series ip5b hickory drumsticks

Innovative Vintage Series IP5B Hickory Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion 5B Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a medium taper with an acorn tip and will provide the cornerstone for future combo models. Features: - White Hic... 

vater piccolo wood tip drumsticks

Vater Piccolo Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Vater Piccolo Wood Tip Drumsticks feature a 2B style grip with a long and gradual taper to a small round tip. Length - 16" Diameter - .640" ... 

vic firth american classic 2bn drumsticks - nylon tip

Vic Firth American Classic 2BN Drumsticks - Nylon Tip

Vic Firth 2BN Nylon Tip Drumsticks feature a tear drop tip. The 2BN is ideal for heavy rock, band and practice. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: .630" 

bopworks birdland drumsticks

Bopworks Birdland Drumsticks

Bopworks Birdland Drumsticks are the Bopworks original. Ultra thin, long taper and full tip. Designed specifically for the Jazz drummer who requires a light stick that won'... 

vic firth signature series - danny carey drumsticks

Vic Firth Signature Series - Danny Carey Drumsticks

Vic Firth SDC Danny Carey Wood Tip Drumsticks are truly a unique drumstick! Features a cut-in design at the gripping area for improved comfort and a tapered butt end for impro... 

vater studio wood tip drumsticks

Vater Studio Wood Tip Drumsticks

Barrel-shaped tip gives a full sound without overwhelming volume. Just under a 7A in grip size. L 15 7/8" D .530 

innovative percussion mg1 marcus gilmore drumsticks

Innovative Percussion MG1 Marcus Gilmore Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion has designed this drumstick for Marcus Gilmore, drummer for Chick Corea. The MG1 stick is between a 7A and 5A, but features a unique reverse teardrop be... 

vic firth american classic hd9 drumsticks

Vic Firth American Classic HD9 Drumsticks

Vic Firth HD9 American Classic Wood Tip Drumsticks are the same as the SD9, but in hickory. A favorite of players who love the 5B but want a little more weight and length. ... 

vic firth signature series matt greiner drumsticks

Vic Firth Signature Series Matt Greiner Drumsticks

The Matt Greiner signature stick features a medium diameter shaft with extended length and an elongated taper. A uniquely shaped wood tip provides great definition for intr... 

vic firth signature series - dave weckl evolution nylon drumsticks

Vic Firth Signature Series - Dave Weckl Evolution Nylon Drumsticks

Vic Firth SDW2N Dave Weckl Evolution Nylon Tip Drumsticks feature a short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft. Provides superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. Lengt... 

vater 3a fatback wood tip drumsticks

Vater 3A Fatback Wood Tip Drumsticks

The Vater 3A Fatback wood Tip Drumsticks feature a sturdy shoulder and neck with a rounded barrel tip for volume. Length - 16" Diameter - .590" ...