Drum Set Solo Sheet Music

Fink, S.-Four Sketches for Solo Percussion

Four Sketches for solo Percussion by Siegfried Fink is a composition where each movement features a different solo percussion instrument. Number of Players: 1 Di... 

LaRosa-Rhapsody for Solo Drum Set-DS

Rhapsody for Solo Drum Set by Michael LaRosa is a solo drum set composition that explores elements of jazz and funk. A slower section features some brush work. 

Cincotta-Tribute to Swing-DS

Tribute to Swing by Scott Cincotta is a Drum Set solo with a nod to the styling of swing music. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrume... 

Cincotta-Bop 'n Drums-DS

Bop'n Drums by Scott Cincotta is a drum set solo in the style of Bop. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation: Drum set ... 

Parthun-4 Bits-DS

4 Bits by Jeffrey Parthun is a Grade 2 drumset solo that will be enjoyable to play and helpful in developing the skills of the drumset player, including techniques for ... 

Miranda-11 Solos for the Drum Set-DS

11 Solos For Drum Set by Anthony Miranda makes for great collage audition or recital performance pieces. This collection explores a variety of techniques and styles. 

Fink, S.-Machine Drums

Machine Drums by Siegfried Fink is a drum set solo composition that explores jazz drumming technique. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 4+ Instrumentation: Dr... 

Pezolt-Tierisch Rockin'-DS

Tierisch Rockin' (Wildly Rockin') by Rainer Pezolt contains eight formal rounded and light, yet effective drum set solos for beginning drummers. The titles from the ani... 

Parthun-6 Bits-DS

This Grade 3 drumset solo entitles 6 Bits by Jeffrey Parthun will aid the player in developing a good triplet or "swing" feel as used in many contemporary hit rock, jaz... 

Lawhorn-More Than Meets the Eye-SD/BD

Drawing inspiration from the rudimental playing of Charley Wilcoxon and John S. Pratt, "second line" New Orleans drumming, and the genius of of Steve Gadd, Lamon Lawhorn's sol... 

Lincoln-Fantasy for Drums-DS

Fantasy For Drums by Rod Lincoln was commissioned for the 1991 PASIC competition. The piece explores different styles and timings while leaving room for some player improvi... 

Fink, S.-Etudes in Jazz

Etudes in Jazz by Siegfeied Fink is a collection of drum set solos set to familiarize the player with the styles and some unusually sticking used in this genera. 

Rogers-Jazz Rag-DS

Jazz Rag by Dennis Rogers is an intermediate level composition for solo drum set. 

Kopetzki-Caramba! (9 Drum Set Solos)-DS

Caramba by Eckhard Kopetzki is a collection of 9 drum set solos that explore different styles and techniques.  

Smith, Stuart S.-Brush DS

Brush by Stuart Smith is an advanced composition for drum set. This piece is intended to be performed with metal handle brushes.  

Smith, Stuart S.-Two Lights DS OS

Two Lights by Stuart Saunders Smith is an advanced drum set solo that requires the performer to use felt mallets. The snares should be turned off and the bass drum un-muffl... 

Stright-Melodies for Drumset-DS

Melodies for Drum Set by Robert Stright is a drum set solo performance that explores melodic rhythms on the set. The movements also utilize sticks, brushes and mallets.... 

Fink, S.-Beat the Beat

Beat the Beat by Siegfried Fink is a Drum set solo that required the set to be prepared. The resonate heads are removed and the head tension reduced to create the sound envisi... 

Rogers-Quartz Time-DS

Quartz Time by Dennis Rogers is an intermediate solo drum set composition. 

Sponsel-10 Progressive Soli fur Drumset

10 Progressive Solos for Drum Set by Joachim Sponsel is a collection of drum solos that explores different styles and techniques.