Drum Set Solo Sheet Music

Rogers-Quartz Time-DS

Quartz Time by Dennis Rogers is an intermediate solo drum set composition. 

Snider-To Rock for Admiral Shunk-DS

To Rock for Admiral Shunk by Larry Snider is a unaccompanied drum set solo written in a rock and roll style. Difficulty - Grade 4 Number of Players - 1... 

Heslip-Double Bash (DS)

Drummer/composer Gerald Heslip is the Commanding Officer and Director of Music for "The Central Band of the Canadian Forces". His new grade 4 drum set solo, Double Bash ... 

Von Moisy-Three Pieces for Drums-DS

Three Pieces for Drums by Heinz von Moisy, internationally known drummer and percussion teacher, presents compositions for a 4-piece set, with many different sounds such as ri... 


Echange by Jean-Luc Dayan is a composition scored for solo drum set. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3+ Instrumentation: Drum set ... 

Cincotta-Mean Gene Swing-DS

Mean Gene Swing by Scott Cincotta is a swing music inspired composition for solo drum set. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentati... 

Adams, D.-Coalescence One-DS

Coalescence One by Daniel Adams for solo drumset. This challenging piece was written for Aaron Staebell. 

Johnson, S.-Drum Set Solo #1

Drum Set Solo #1 by Scott Johnson treats the drum set as a multi-percussion setup. The composition focuses on complex textures exercising four limb independence. Mixed meter g... 

Houllif-10 Jazz Drum Set Solos-DS

The goal of this book is to acquaint grade 3-4 players with various beats, solo suggestions and techniques which will enable them to excel in the jazz ensemble in a solo and c... 

LaRosa-Drum Set Etude #1-DS

Drum Set Etude #1 by Michael LaRosa is composed in a flowing rock style. This solo stresses control, thematic development and four-way coordination. Both written and improvise... 

Jerger-Open Roll Trip-DS

Open Roll Trip by Jake Jerger is an unaccompanied drum set solo. 

Zielinski/Rabie-La Machine a Groover-DS

La Machine a Groover by Bernard Zielinski and Jean-Pascal Rabie is a grove based drum set solo. Difficulty - Intermediate Number of Players - 1 I... 

Keown-Journey Through Time-DS

Journey Through Time by Alan Keown is an entry-level solo for the beginning drum set player. This is a real teaching tool for time and groove concepts. 

Francois-Binair Drome et Tabu

Binair Drome et Tabu by Jean Francois is a grade 3 drum set solo. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: Drum set  


Violently by Gene Pritsker is drum set solo that features improvised sections. 

Kastuck-Syncopated Swing

Syncopated Swing by Steve Kastuck promotes development of syncopated phrasing, plus stresses control and coordination. It contains both written and improvised fills. ... 

Snider-Rondo for Drum Set-DS

Rondo for Drum Set by Larry Snider is an unaccompanied drum set solo written in a swing music style. Difficulty - Grade 3 Number of Players - 1 I... 

Weyna-Pieces for Percussion Set

Pieces for Percussion by Zdzistaw Adam Weyna is a collection of drum set solos with one duet thrown in the mix. Some of the pieces require an advanced skill set. 

Heslip-Cajun Stroll-DS

Cajon Stroll by Gerald M Heslip is an unaccompanied drum set solo written with a heavy Cajon influence. 

Henry-Jumping for Joyce

Jumping for Joyce by Alice Henry is an unaccompanied solo scored for 5 piece drum set.