Drum Set Solo Sheet Music

Mancini, D.-Groovin' In Trinidad-DS

PerMus Publications and David Mancini have edited and re-engraved the Drum Set Solo "Groovin' in Trinidad". David has taken the time to re-edit and update the look of his clas... 

Keemss-Crossover Drums (SP)-1,2 or 3DS

Crossover Drums by Thomas Keemss is a drum set solo that embraces many styles of music with nods to player styles such as Bonham and Krupa. Playable on 1,2 or 3 drum sets. 

Francois-Jazzmania et Rapmania

Jazzmania et Rapmania by Jean Francois is a drum set solo written with jazz and swing influence. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: Drum s... 

LaRosa-Drum Set Etude #2-DS

Drum Set Etude #2 by Michael LaRosa is composed in a flowing rock style. This solo stresses control, thematic development and four-way coordination. Both written and improvise... 

Francois-Sing Sing 86 et Rigo Afro

Sing Sing 86 et Rigo Afro by Jean Francois is a solo drum set composition with a swing music influence. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: ... 


Air by Janis Mercer is a drum set solo. The drum set in this composition is treated more like a solo multi percussion set up in that it features extenuated instrumentation. 

Regoli-Fantasia #2 Para Bateria (Llacer)

Fantasia #2 Para Bateria is a solo drum set composition written by Spanish drummer Enrique Llacer Regoli. 

Morey-Solid Groove-DS

Solid Groove by Charles Morey is a grade 5 groove based drum set solo. 

Snow-West African Drum Set Suite-DS

Adam Snow's West African Drum Set Suite is an exciting piece that adapts three traditional djembe and dunun rhythms from West Africa to the conventional Western drum set. I... 


Kurbelwelle by Leander Kaiser is a collection of 5 drum set solos in the styles of Pop, Slow-Rock, Latin, Shuffle, Funk. 


Break Time by Jean Francois Leze is a percussion solo scored for solo drum set. 

Schmitt-Fancy Dance-DS

Fancy Dance is an intermediate level drum set solo by Matthias Schmitt based on an eighth note groove and featuring short fills and ghost notes. 5 basic patterns are presented... 

Paris-Perpetual Desolations-DS

Perpetual Desolations by Zach Paris is a contemporary work for solo drum set that tells this story of life's journey. The piece contrasts moments of extreme intensity with ... 

Renaudin-Theme du Soir, Espoir...-DS

Theme du Soir by Bertrand Renaudin is a drum set solo for a beginning to intermediate player. 

Doute-Pieces for Drum & Bass-SD/BD

10 rudimental/concert style pieces for Snare and Kick Drum. This book is designed to entertain both the listener and performer. I wanted to write pieces for my teachers an... 

Oltmann-Drei Rock Stucke-DS

Drei Rock Stucke by Uwe Oltmann is collection of three rock drum set solos for the intermediate to advanced player.