Drum Set Solo Sheet Music

Mancini, D.-Groovin' In Trinidad-DS

PerMus Publications and David Mancini have edited and re-engraved the Drum Set Solo "Groovin' in Trinidad". David has taken the time to re-edit and update the look of his clas... 

Heslip-Cajun Stroll-DS

Cajon Stroll by Gerald M Heslip is an unaccompanied drum set solo written with a heavy Cajon influence. 

Francois-Jazzmania et Rapmania

Jazzmania et Rapmania by Jean Francois is a drum set solo written with jazz and swing influence. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: Drum s... 

Francois-Sing Sing 86 et Rigo Afro

Sing Sing 86 et Rigo Afro by Jean Francois is a solo drum set composition with a swing music influence. Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: ... 

LaRosa-Drum Set Etude #2-DS

Drum Set Etude #2 by Michael LaRosa is composed in a flowing rock style. This solo stresses control, thematic development and four-way coordination. Both written and improvise... 


Air by Janis Mercer is a drum set solo. The drum set in this composition is treated more like a solo multi percussion set up in that it features extenuated instrumentation. 

Snow-West African Drum Set Suite-DS

Adam Snow's West African Drum Set Suite is an exciting piece that adapts three traditional djembe and dunun rhythms from West Africa to the conventional Western drum set. I... 

Regoli-Fantasia #2 Para Bateria (Llacer)

Fantasia #2 Para Bateria is a solo drum set composition written by Spanish drummer Enrique Llacer Regoli. 

Morey-Solid Groove-DS

Solid Groove by Charles Morey is a grade 5 groove based drum set solo. 


Break Time by Jean Francois Leze is a percussion solo scored for solo drum set. 

Schmitt-Fancy Dance-DS

Fancy Dance is an intermediate level drum set solo by Matthias Schmitt based on an eighth note groove and featuring short fills and ghost notes. 5 basic patterns are presented... 

Paris-Perpetual Desolations-DS

Perpetual Desolations by Zach Paris is a contemporary work for solo drum set that tells this story of life's journey. The piece contrasts moments of extreme intensity with ... 


Kurbelwelle by Leander Kaiser is a collection of 5 drum set solos in the styles of Pop, Slow-Rock, Latin, Shuffle, Funk. 

Renaudin-Theme du Soir, Espoir...-DS

Theme du Soir by Bertrand Renaudin is a drum set solo for a beginning to intermediate player. 

Doute-Pieces for Drum & Bass-SD/BD

10 rudimental/concert style pieces for Snare and Kick Drum. This book is designed to entertain both the listener and performer. I wanted to write pieces for my teachers an... 

Oltmann-Drei Rock Stucke-DS

Drei Rock Stucke by Uwe Oltmann is collection of three rock drum set solos for the intermediate to advanced player.