How to Order

The Steve Weiss Music, Inc. Educational Department has proudly served the music education community and all of its purchasing needs for over 55 years. Ordering for your school is easy!

Completed Purchase Orders

Please send by one of the following methods:

Email (Preferred):
Steve Weiss Music
2324 Wyandotte Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090

Card Purchases

If you are planning to order with a purchase/credit card you may go online, build a cart and checkout like you would on any other site you purchase from. This is the fastest way to order from us. Please note that the use of purchase orders and tax-exempt purchases are not possible on the website.

All Other Purchases

  1. Step 1: Send Us an Email or Fax for Pricing

    Shop this website for the items you need. When you click on an item, take note of the model number. Send us as many model numbers as you need pricing for. If we don’t have what you need on the site, just send us a brief description and we’ll find it for you. Email or fax one of our specialists, or email Unfortunately, we cannot provide school pricing over the phone.

  2. Step 2: We Send You a Quote

    We will prepare a quote in PDF form and email or fax it back to you. It will be on our letterhead so you can give it to an administrator in order to get a purchase order or approval to order.

  3. Step 3: Send Us an Approval to Order the Items

    We prefer a purchase order, as do most of your administrators and business offices. However, if a PO is not required by your district just send us written approval in an email from your school email account. Tip: Including our original quote information will speed the order along. Duplicate purchase orders will result in additional shipping and restocking charges.

  4. Step 4: We Order and Ship Your Items

    Many times we have your items here in stock and they are shipped the same day that you order them! We also have outstanding drop-ship relationships with many manufacturers who will send the product directly to you.

Our Team

Call us if you have questions at 215-659-5464, Monday – Friday, 10am – 6pm Eastern.