EQ Percussion

EQ Percussion formed in 2014 out of what was known as Equilibrium Percussion. Decades ago percussionist Michael Udow formed Equilibrium to create percussion instruments to meet the needs of an ever changing orchestral world. This base knowledge and product reputation was adapted by EQ Percussion and applied to the ever continuing development of top quality products for professional and students.

EQ Percussion Rosewood Standard Mallets (W2)

The new W2 rosewood mallets by Equilibrium are ideal for for standard repertoire where the articulation clarity but warmth of wood on wood tone is cherished.  

EQ Percussion Power Wood Blocks

The EQ Percussion power wood blocks are made from high quality maple and provide a unique sound. Sizes EQU-WB1: 8″ × 3.375″ × 2.75&... 

EQ Percussion Piccolo Wood Blocks

The EQ Percussion piccolo wood blocks are a high quality block available in 6 different lengths. Sizes PWB1: 4″ × 1.75″ × 1.75&Pr...