Rothman-Jazz Breaks in a Nut Shell

"Jazz Breaks In a Nutshell" by Joel Rothman contains nine separate parts, and each part deals with a specialized approach to playing jazz drum breaks. 

De Merle-Jazz-Rock Fusion Vol. 2

The music in JAZZ ROCK FUSION VOL. II is a collection of rhythmic concepts designed to develop control, technique and a feel for the various styles of todays fusion music. ... 

Rothman-Oddly Enough

"Oddly Enough" by Joel Rothman is designed as a supplementary text for teaching drum students how to read rhythms on the drumset. Designed for beginning or intermediate stude... 

Spagnardi-Big Band Drummer

Performing in a big band, and accurately interpreting a big band drum part, can present a challenge to beginning and experienced drummers alike. This book by the founder and p... 

Engle-Rock'n Time Fills and Solos

The patterns and variations in this book will give you a good playing knowledge in rock, latin rock, bossa rock, bossa nova, contry western rock, folk rock, gospel jazz and go... 

McAffee-Drum Yellow Pages

During drummer Boo Boo McAfee's long months on the road touring, he frequently would run out of drum practice materials. Then he realized that what drummers play can easily be... 

Rothman-Left Hand Rock Breaks

"Left Hand Rock Breaks" is a companion book to Joel Rothman's "Left Hand Solos" . Both books demonstrate ideas for practical use of the left hand within the framework of break... 

Ceccarelli-Bk 3 Practical Rhythms for Drumset

A method for applying independent rhythms to the drum set. VOL. 3 (French Text) 

Boursault/Lefevre-Bk 1 Dechiffrages pour Batterie

Advanced collection of etudes for prepearation and study of 4 limb independence. (French Text) 

Boursault/Lajudie-Bk II Etude Progressive de Batterie

The third book in Boursault's series covers advanced rhythmic structures through advanced cordination. (French Text) 

Boursault/Lefevre-Bk 2 Dechiffrages pour Batterie

Advanced collection of etudes for prepearation and study of 4 limb independence. (French Text) 

Weinberg-Guide to Standardized Drumset Notation

One of the biggest challenges for anyone attempting to notate a drumset part is that there is no absolute "standard" in terms of what makes up a drumset. Through this book, th... 

Spagnardi-Drumset Control

The ability to move around the drumset with speed, control, endurance and accuracy is an extremely important asset for today's drummer. Drumset Control, written by the founder... 

Rothman-Quarter-Note Accents Around the Drums

"Quarter-Note Accents Around the Drums" by Joel Rothman is designed specifically for drummers at an early stage of learning. The exercises are easy to read and fun to play. 

Meyer-Beyond the Double Bass Drum

BEYOND THE DOUBLE BASS DRUM offers the drummer alternative approaches to playing the drumset. These include systematic approaches for the development of harmonic, quasi double... 

Bourbasquet-Pichard-Progressive Study of the Double Bass Drum Pe

Get your double bass chops in shape with this book. The exersizes for double bass range in difficulty from intermediate to advanced. (French Text) 

Bartlett-The Drummer's Pocket Flipbook-Rolls and Accents

Contains more than 100,000 exercises. 

Hulling-Modern Approach to the Drum Set

This book is developed for the intermediate drum set player looking to solidify their skills. Material is presented in a clear manor with detailed explanations of the key conc... 

Rothman-Paradiddle Rock

This breakthrough book by Joel Rothman, Paradiddle Rock applies a totally new concept to paradiddles within the framework of rock drumming. For intermediate, advanced... 

Boursault/Lajudie-Bk I Etude Progressive de Batterie

Basic drum set approach by Emmanuel Boursault. Materail covers set-up and technique through basic style studies. (French Text)