Bartlett-The Drummer's Pocket Flipbook-Rolls and Accents

Contains more than 100,000 exercises. 

Boursault/Lajudie-Bk I Etude Progressive de Batterie

Basic drum set approach by Emmanuel Boursault. Materail covers set-up and technique through basic style studies. (French Text) 

Miller-1,000 Triplet Roll Solos for Drum Set (Vol 3)

All of the rhythms included in this book were taken from Vol.1. It clearly shows how rhythms can be changed into rolls without losing any syncopated effects.  

Rothman-Easy Drum Solos/Technique

All the exercises in Joel Rothman's Easy Drum Solos with Technique are set within the framework of four-bar solos, allowing the reader to approach the development of ... 

Brooks-Recording Drummer

What does a drummer do when he walks into a recording studio for a "Recored Date", "Jingle Date" or any other "Mechanical Date"? How does he tune his drums? How does he... 

Rothman-Coordinated Jazz Patterns Phrased in 3

Coordinated snare and bass drum patterns are phrased in 3/4 time, while the basic Jazz cymbal beat remains in 4/4 time. For intermediate, advanced and professional players.... 

Rothman-Swingin' in Three Quarter Time

Swingin' in Three Quarter Time by Joel Rothman is a study to help develop the ability to play a jazz swing beat in 3\4 time. Includes solos to be applied to the 3\4 ... 

Ceccarelli-Bk 2 Practical Rhythms for Drumset

A method for applying independent rhythms to the drum set. VOL. 2 (French Text) 

Moerlen-Drums, in 3 Phases

Rudimental style hand patterns are paired with syncopated foot patterns to create interesting rhythms and musical phrases. (French Text)  

Flores-Independence for the Beginner Vol 1

The exercises in this book are designed to lead the student to more more complicated contrapuntal rhythms. All of the variations are based upon a basic jazz ride pattern. 

Ceccarelli-Batterie-Trophee 2/Gastaldin/Pagnini/Pontieux/ Bourba

Collection of etudes and solos for the drum set. Most solos are geared toward utilizing the drum set as a multiple percussion set-up. This is a great series for developing f... 

Ryan-Rhythmic Aerobics

A drum set instruction manual for beginning to intermediate students aimed at perfecting the drummer's timing. When used as part of a regular practice routine, this book will ... 

Miller-Dev. Left Hand/Right Foot for Drum Set Vol. 5

Written as the follow-up to the first four volumes in the series, this book focuses on left hand and right foot facility, using triplets as a foundation.  

Boursault/Lefevre-Vol 3 La Classe de Batterie

An advanced drum method with a focus on musicality and expression. Features analysis of new rhythms in abstract as well as drum set applications. Multiple etudes are included ... 

Rothman-Quarter-Note Technique

"Quarter-Note Technique" is a companion book to "Quarter-Note Accents Around the Drums" by Joel Rothman. Both books were designed specifically as supplementary material for b... 

Flores-Independence for the Beginner Vol 2

A continuation of Vol 1., the exercises in this book are designed to lead the student to more more complicated contrapuntal rhythms. All of the variations are based upon a bas... 

Salvo-Fun Workbook for Drums

This "Fun Workbook" for beginning percussion players is written for students in grades three, four, five and six. However, it can also be used with students in Jr. High School... 

von Moisy-Sounds and Fills for Drumset

In this book the drummer will find examples for interesting sounds from rim-shots to electronic rhythms. The book also shows rhythms on an augmented set, instruction on improv... 

Orozco/Silverlight-The Stick Bag Book of Jazz, Funk, & Fusion

This book is a reference guide for all drummers and rhythm enthusiasts. It provides easy and thorough access to the most popular and influential classic and contemporary jazz,... 

Jorand-Totems - Totem II L'Independance

Drum set independence is eplored by Marcel Jorand in this drum set method book. Jordand starts with basic two limb patterns and expands. (French Text)