Rothman-Rock and Roll Bible of Co-ordination

"The Rock and Roll Bible" is designed by Joel Rothman to develop the modern drumset player's coordination necessary in today's music. Exercises are given to work increasingl... 

Bellson-Odd Time Reading Text

Now a standard in music education literature, this in-depth study takes the fear out of playing in time signatures other than 4/4. In a methodical manner, this book aids in ro... 

Capozzoli-Sightreading for the Drums

Improve you sight reading skills with this compilation of easy to intermediate sight reading patterns. 

Basner-Double Bass Drum Exercises and Studies

A method to learn the technical asspects of Double bass playing. 

Skoog-Drumming Book One

" For the past twenty years, I've been producing teaching sheets for my students, putting them in binders so I could add new ones or replace the old as I refined my approach. ... 

Kaufman-Deeper Into the Art of Drumming

Robert Kaufmans new book takes a strikingly new and fresh approach to the art of drumming. Carefully designed exercises guarantee efficient practice with rewarding results. ... 

Riley-Basic Drum Workout

The Basic Drum Workout is a collection of daily exercises to further the development and maintenance of the drummers skill set.  

Rothman-Compleat[sic] Drum Reader

If you want to improve your reading skills, here is a book from Joel Rothman that contains a wide variety of material selected from many different sources. Syncopation studies... 

Holland-Complete Book of Drum Fills

This book contains beat fill combinations from basic to advanced levels. It is a comprehensive learning guide with hundreds of fill and solo ideas.  

Bellson-Jazz Rock Beats

A compilation of over 100 Jazz Rock beats. 

Rogers-Solo Studies for Drum Set Book 1

This book, the first in the series of three, is the result of the need expressed by percussion educators for repertory for the student who is making the big step from the snar... 

Rothman-Big Band Drum Charts

The arrangements in this book were written by John Danser for his Jazz-Rock band, which often plays in and around the New York City area. The charts are typical of the most up... 

Fink-Studies for Drumset vol. 3-Advanced

The third edition of FInk's drum set studies includes more exercises to improve the cordination of an iadvanced drummer. FInk includes great tips on the inclusion of practice ... 

Houghton-Guide for the Modern Jazz Rhythm Section

A complete method for the Modern Jazz Rhythm Section. Steve Houghton covers a vast range of topics that include, setup, styles and functions, rhythm section concepts, problem ... 

Capozzoli-Around the Drums with Paradiddles

Learn how to apply paradiddle patterns and variations to the drum set. 

Lefevre-Prog Tech Stud/SD 1

PROGRESSIVE TECHNICAL STUDIES, due to its simple and efficient conception, is primarily meant for students interested in the study of drums. Nevertheless, it will be very usef... 

Agostini-Methode de Batterie (Vol 4)

The fourth book in Agostini's series of drum set method books.  

Bellonzi-Bk 3 Language of Jazz Drumming

An advanced instruction course in the study of Jazz Drum Set. 


A collection of etudes and solos to help with your interpretation of jazz music. (French Text) 

Dowd-A Funky Thesaurus

Keeping time is the most important function of any drummer. This book covers the playing of odd time signatures which is becoming increasingly important for the drumset player...