Drum Set Method Books

Rothman-Accents and Solos for Rock and Jazz Drumming

Accents and Solos for Rock and Jazz Drumming was developed by Joel Rothman as a practical book for advancing technical skills used in breaks and solos. For beginning ... 

Perkins-Logical Approach to Rock Coordination

A complete approach to rock coordination of the Rhythmic Alphabet System which addresses Two, Three and Four-Way Co ordination patterns through reinforcing exercises. 

Krupa-Gene Krupa's Drum Method

This method features transcriptions from the video Gene Krupa: Jazz Legend. The first section of the book presents Krupa's drum method which combines individual snare drum tec... 

Bellonzi-Bk 3 Language of Jazz Drumming

An advanced instruction course in the study of Jazz Drum Set. 

Marvin-Diversified Drumming

A collection of exercises to be played on snare and bass drum. Each exercises starts off with hands and feet separate. The exercises then progress into a integrated state of c... 

Bourbasquet-Coordination Studies/Development of Independence

A method for the development of four limb cordination. Most of the exersizes feature variations on patterns based of 16th notes. (French Text) 

Capozzoli-Around the Drums with Rhythm

Learn how to apply sixteenth and triplet based rhythms to the drum set. 

Reed-Latin Rhythms for Drums and Timbales

Basic rhythms, variations, breaks, short solos and fill-ins for the mambo, cha-cha, merengue, bolero, samba, conga, beguien, paso doble, tango, montuno, calypso and joropo. Mo... 

Rae-Latin Guide for Drummers

This book is written to enable the drummer to become more familiar with the basic Latin rhythms and how to execute them on the drum set. Detailed descriptions of concepts wil... 

Stanoch-Mastering the Tables of Time

Mastering the Tables of Time uniquely combines the foundations of rhythm and the foundations of trapset drumming using a common system to assimilate the disciplines o... 

Reed-Drum Solos and Fill-Ins

Featuring exercises that can be played in practice and in actual performances, Drum Solos & Fill-ins for the Progressive Drummer contains 4-, 8-, and 16-bar solos plus fill-in... 

Vogel-Melodic Solo Encounters (drum set)

Included in this 48 page book are 18 musical compositions for drum set featuring such styles as Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk / Fusion, African, odd meters and free-form. All compos... 

Black-How to Tune Your Drums

This concise and well-organized Handy Guide is a must for every serious drummer. Written in an easy-to-use, step-by-step format with lots of photographs and diagrams, this one... 

Burns/Halpern-Elementary Rock and Roll Drumming

A basic step-by-step method and study for the younger player: including hand and foot independence studies, rock and roll beats, and fill-in studies. 

Bartlett-The Drummer's Pocket Flipbook-Latin Beats 1

Contains more than 35,000 beats 

Agostini-Methode de Batterie (Vol 3)

The third book in Agostini's series of drum set method books.  

Mansfield-1001 Drum Grooves

Steve Mansfield's 1001 Drum Grooves - The Complete Resource for Every Drummer presents 1,001 drumset beats played in a variety of musical styles, past and present. It's... 

Fink-Solobook for Drumset

A collections of 8 solos for a beginning to intermediate drum set player. All solos are fairly short and would be great for lessons or recitals. 

Famularo/Chamberland-Weaker Side, The

This book addresses the common problem of proportionally unequal abilities between a drummer's dominant and weaker muscle sets in drumming technique. The strategic exercises a... 

Perkins-Logical Approach to Jazz Coordination

A complete approach to jazz coordination using the unique Rhythmic Alphabet System which addresses Two, Three, and Four-Way Coordination patterns through reinforcing exercises...