Required (All Grades)

This is a complete list of required percussion materials for GRC Percussion Class. It expands on materials previously required at Baker and Campbell Jr. High. You must also purchase a black hand towel.

Innovative IP1M Multi Percussion Drumsticks

The IP-1M is designed with the multi-percussionist in mind. This model features our IP-1 General concert snare drum stick, with a hard felt ball attached to the butt-end. Th... 

Pearl High Tension Drum Key

The Pearl K030 High Tension Drumkey provides an easy method for tuning marching drums or any other drum that requires extra tension and leverage. This key will deliver the ... 

Yamaha Standard Drum Key

Yamaha standard drum key.  

Vic Firth World Classic - Alex Acuna Clear Conquistador

Vic Firth SAAC Alex Acuna Clear Conquistador Timbale Sticks are designed to provide optimum response on timbales and cymbals. In hickory. Length: 16" Diameter: .440" 

Pearl Elite Concert Triangle Beaters (PETB30)

Pearl Elite Concert Triangle Beater Set. Incldues 3 Beaters with Case. 

Liberty One Tour Caddy Mallet Bag

The Liberty One Tour Caddy Mallet Bag has 16 pockets to keep your concert sticks, timpani, keyboard, bass and gong mallets organized and ready to go. The closed dimensi... 

Promark Hot Rods

ProMark Hot Rods offer the perfect balance when drumsticks are too loud and brushes are too soft. Made of 19 birch dowels held firmly together, and producing a tight, textural... 

Innovative MB3 Large Cordura Mallet Bag

This bag is made of high quality and durable cordura and features 16 large interior mallet pockets. Innovative MB3 Features: - High quality and durable cordur... 

TreeWorks Triangle Holder

The Tree Works Triangle holder is simple yet efficient. This solid hand held triangle holder is cut from a solid piece of hard wood with a durable nylon string to mount the tr...