Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar Nylon Snare Strips (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-NSC Nylon Snare Strips are packaged in quantities of 4 strips per pack. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Hoop Block/Bell Holder

With the Gibraltar SC-RP269 you can keep your cowbells and woodblocks at arms length. Easily mounts Bells and Blocks to the hoop of your bass drum.  

Gibraltar/Roc-n-Soc Backrest Attachment

The Gibralatar RSGBR Backrest Throne Attachment gives added support to your Gibraltar or Roc-n-Soc Throne.  

Gibraltar Medium 10.5mm L-Rod Ball Mount with Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-SLRM L-rod is great for adding a small tom or small accessory to any stand. This medium size (10.5mm) mount accepts ½″ to 1″ diameter tu... 

Gibraltar 6700 Professional Double Braced Hardware Pack

The Gibraltar 6700 Series combines the best features of the 9600 and 6600 series into one. Heavy-duty construction, but light enough in weight and mass for easy transport. ... 

Gibraltar 4709 Light Weight Boom Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 4709 Cymbal Boom Stand is double braced with cast hinged height adjustments. This sturdy stand can put your cymbals exactly where they need to be without brea... 

Gibraltar Heavy Duty 6mm Wing Nut (2 Pack)

The Gibraltar 13P3 6mm Heavy Duty Wing Nut fits all cymbal stands with an 6mm post. This package includes 2 Wing Nuts. 

Gibraltar Drink Holder

A soft nylon holder from Gibraltar that clamps to any stand. Fits 1 liter bottles and most drink containers.  

Gibraltar Medium Weight Hi-Hat Stand

The Gibraltar 5707 hi-hat stand provides professional features in a low-mass, double-braced stand. Features cast height assembly and round rubber feet for a small profile.... 

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cup Metal Washer (1 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-1655-1 HiHat Stand Cup Metal Washer are packaged in quantities of 1 per pack and fit most brand Hi Hat Stands. 

Gibraltar Chrome Memory Lock (2-pk)

Gibraltar Chrome Memory Lock is designed to be used at the knuckles of the rack, which means the joints. They have a male tab that fits into a female cutout that locks the ... 

Gibraltar Microphone Shock Mount

The Gibraltar Microphone Shock Mount is designed to prevent vibration noises being picked up by the microphone's diaphragm. Ideal for drum and percussion microphones. ... 

Gibraltar Nylon Snare Cord (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-SC Nylon Snare Cord is packaged in quantities of 6 stands per pack. This snare cord features a tight weave cord material with double laminated ends for extra... 

Gibraltar Tension Rods - 1 3/8" (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-4J Tensions Rods in 1 3/8" length (35mm) and are packaged in a quantity of 6 per pack. This rod fits many piccolo snare drums and small toms. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum T-Style Tension Rod

The Gibraltar SC-BDTR/L Bass Drum Key Rod are 4 3/16" (106mm) long x 6mm diameter. 6mm T-style. 4 Pack. 

Gibraltar Drum Set Tech Kit

Gibraltar Drum Set Tech Kit has all the washers, cymbal sleeves and felts need to keep all your drum set hardware and drums functioning perfectly. (6) tension rods ... 

Gibraltar Cymbal Sleeve - 6mm (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar CS6MM 6mm Cymbal Sleeve fits over the threaded cymbal mount and helps protect cymbals and threads alike. These are packaged in quantities of 4. 

Gibraltar Tension Rods - 1 5/8" (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-4C Tensions Rods in 1 5/8" length (41mm) and are packaged in a quantity of 6 per pack. This rod fits many snare drums, small and medium sized tom-toms and so... 

Gibraltar Road Series Multi Angle Multi Clamp (SC-GRSMAMC)

The Gibraltar SC-GRSMAMC works just like a standard multi clamp but it has a geared ratchet assembly that allows you to turn the c-clamp 360 degrees. Once you find the positio... 

Gibraltar Swivel Nuts Small 7/32" (12 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-LN 7/32" Small Swivel Nuts fit most tom and snare tension rods. 12 Pack.