Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar Metal Snare Cord (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-SSC Metal Snare Cord is packaged in quantities of 4 stands per pack. This snare cord features a high test braided cord. 

Gibraltar Tri Drum Key Tool

The Gibraltar GTK Tri Drum Key Tool is three tools in one. This key includes a drum key, hex key and phillips head screwdriver, all in one easy to use package. 

Gibraltar Cymbal Arm Extension Tube

The Gibraltar Cymbal Arm Extension Tube is designed to work with rack set ups. This allows for extend height of cymbals, toms, electronics, and accessories an additional 1... 

Gibraltar Cymbal Sleeve - 8mm (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar CS8MM 8mm Cymbal Sleeve fits over the threaded cymbal mount and helps protect cymbals and threads alike. These are packaged in quantities of 4. 

Gibraltar 30" Straight Rack Tube

The Gibraltar 30" straight rack extension tube is 1 1/2" chrome steel with plastic end caps. 

Gibraltar Tension Rods - 2" (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-4B Tensions Rods in 2" length (52mm) and are packaged in a quantity of 6 per pack. This rod fits many tom-toms and floor toms with a lot of space in between ... 

Gibraltar Rubber Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

The Gibraltar SC-HR1 Rubber Hi-Hat Seat lasts longer than felts and enhances cymbal sustain. 1 per pack. 

Gibraltar Wing Key All in One Adjustment Tool

The Gibraltar Wing Key SC-GWK is the tool no drummer can live without. It has a standard drum key socket, a 1/2" socket for conga drums, timbales and bongos. Plus, it even tig... 

Gibraltar Quick Release Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

The Gibraltar Quick Release Hi Hat Drop Clutch from Gibraltar sets the standard for pro-level hi hat cymbal hardware. The Quick Release Hi Hat clutch outperforms the standa... 

Gibraltar Mounting Arm for Electronic Drum Module

The Gibraltar SC-EMARM allows the performer to mount an electronic module to a cymbal stand or hi-hat stand. The mounting arm has two 360 degree grabber sections with an 18-in... 

Gibraltar Medium Weight Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 5710 cymbal stand is a 3-tiered stand that provides professional features in a low-mass, double-braced stand. Features cast height assembly and round rubber f... 

Gibraltar Conga Stand - Single Medium

The Gibraltar Single Medium Conga Stand features an exclusive triangular shape allows for tighter drum set-ups. Innovative design accepts most makes and models of congas. He... 

Gibraltar Rubber Hi-Hat Clutch Washers (1 Pair)

The Gibraltar SC-CLR/2 rubber hi-hat clutch washers replace the felt washers on your clutch with rubber ones. 1 pair. 

Gibraltar Professional Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-4420 Pro Hi-Hat Clutch fits Gibraltar and most professional stands with 8mm rods. 

Gibraltar Cymbal Cup Metal Washer (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar MCW Metal Cymbal Stand Cup Washer fits any 8mm cymbal rod and is designed to support the cymbal felt on a cymbal tilter post. 

Gibraltar 6700 Professional Double Braced Hardware Pack

The Gibraltar 6700 Series combines the best features of the 9600 and 6600 series into one. Heavy-duty construction, but light enough in weight and mass for easy transport. ... 

Gibraltar Block Rack Feet (2pk)

This is Gibraltar Block style rubber foot for T-leg section. (2 pk) 

Gibraltar Tama Style Wing Nut - 6mm (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar TCWN6 6mm Tama-Style Cymbal Wing Nut fits over most 6mm threaded cymbal posts and helps protect cymbals and threads alike. These plastic sing nuts include a bui... 

Gibraltar Drill Bit Drum Key

The Gibraltar DB Drill Bit Drum Key fits into most electric screwdrivers and drills. This drill bit makes changing drumheads a breeze. 

Gibraltar 5700 Medium Double Braced Hardware Pack

The Gibraltar 5700PK Hardware pack features updated G style super lock height adjustments, 3-tier stands with hinged height adjustments, two-point hideaway boom and cast me...