Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar 4709 Light Weight Boom Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 4709 Cymbal Boom Stand is double braced with cast hinged height adjustments. This sturdy stand can put your cymbals exactly where they need to be without brea... 

Gibraltar 4710 Light Weight Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 4710 Double Braced Cymbal stand is perfect for beginners and pros alike. The low mass, double braced construction means it's easy to schlep to the gig and still... 

Gibraltar Tension Rods - 1 5/8" (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-4C Tensions Rods in 1 5/8" length (41mm) and are packaged in a quantity of 6 per pack. This rod fits many snare drums, small and medium sized tom-toms and so... 

Gibraltar Rack Gong Stand Mount

The Gibraltar Rack gong stand mounting clamp fits 1.5″ diameter tubes. Comes with S hook for mounting standard rope mount gongs.  

Gibraltar Single Post Accessory Mount

This Gibraltar Single Post Accessory Clamp attaches to a stand to provide top or bottom mounting abilities for almost any accessory item via it's 9.5mm post. 

Gibraltar Cymbal Cup Metal Washer (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar MCW Metal Cymbal Stand Cup Washer fits any 8mm cymbal rod and is designed to support the cymbal felt on a cymbal tilter post. 

Gibraltar Drill Bit Drum Key

The Gibraltar DB Drill Bit Drum Key fits into most electric screwdrivers and drills. This drill bit makes changing drumheads a breeze. 

Gibraltar 4706 Light Weight Snare Drum Stand

The Gibraltar 4706 Snare Stand is double braced and low mass providing great stability while being light weight. This snare stand is built to last with nylon inserts at con... 

Gibraltar Tension Rods - 2" (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-4B Tensions Rods in 2" length (52mm) and are packaged in a quantity of 6 per pack. This rod fits many tom-toms and floor toms with a lot of space in between ... 

Gibraltar Chrome Multi Clamp Rack Clamp

The Gibraltar Chrome Multi Clamp improves the look of standard racks by keeping all of your mounting hardware chrome. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Key Style Tension Rod

The Gibraltar SC-BDKR/S Bass Drum Key Rod are 4 3/16" (106mm). 7/32" thread key style. 4 Pack. 

Gibraltar Heavy Duty 6mm Wing Nut (2 Pack)

The Gibraltar 13P3 6mm Heavy Duty Wing Nut fits all cymbal stands with an 6mm post. This package includes 2 Wing Nuts. 

Gibraltar Adjustable Angle Multi-Clamp

Gibraltar SC-PUGC Adjustable Angle Multi-Clamp is a Pearl-type grabber clamp with angled center post with rotating clamp at each end. 

Gibraltar Cymbal Sleeve - 8mm (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar CS8MM 8mm Cymbal Sleeve fits over the threaded cymbal mount and helps protect cymbals and threads alike. These are packaged in quantities of 4. 

Gibraltar Medium Weight Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 5710 cymbal stand is a 3-tiered stand that provides professional features in a low-mass, double-braced stand. Features cast height assembly and round rubber f... 

Gibraltar Ratchet Drum Key

The Gibraltar RK Ratchet Drum Key is a medium-weight ratchet style drum key that is plenty heavy duty enough to do any rock-n-roll job. This key is most likely not heavy duty... 

Gibraltar Percussion Rack

The Gibraltar GAB-20 5 Post Percussion Accessory Mounting Clamp allows you to mount up to 10 items on 9.5mm knurled posts. Attaches to almost any stand. Length: 20" 

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSMC Multi Clamp

This Gibraltar Road Series DrumRack Multi-Clamp is designed to mount Tom-Tom arms, or Accessory Arms (5/8" to 1 1/4" Diameter) to the standard Gibraltar 1 1/2" Diameter rack t... 

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

The Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat fits Gibraltar and most professional hi-hat stands with 1" or 5/8" tube. 

Gibraltar Tension Rods - 1 3/8" (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-4J Tensions Rods in 1 3/8" length (35mm) and are packaged in a quantity of 6 per pack. This rod fits many piccolo snare drums and small toms.