Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar 7/8" Cymbal Stand Spanner Bar

The Gibraltar SC-SPAN allows you to mount more onto a cymbal stand. Clamp the spanner bar onto your cymbal stand and add a couple cymbal arms to your setup. Perfect for spl... 

Gibraltar X-Hat Hi-Hat Attachment

The Gibraltar X-Hat Attachment fits onto any 8mm cymbal tilter and allows you to add a set of hi-hat cymbals on top of any existing cymbal stand.  

Gibraltar Multi Mount Microphone Clamp

The Gibraltar Multi Mount Microphone clamp is a quick on and off variable size clamp with a gooseneck mount that fits virtually any pieces of hardware in a set up. Square o... 

Gibraltar Short Cymbal Boom Brake Tilter

The Gibraltar SC-SBBT Short Cymbal Boom Brake Tilter features a 7/8" diameter tube that is 10" in length and an 12" long boom arm (with hinged memory lock). 

Gibraltar Extension Arm with Adjustable Clamp

Gibraltar extension tube with an adjustable clamp.  

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSTLA Standard T-Leg Assembly

Gibraltar Rack T-leg assembly with Road Series T-clamp attaches to vertical tube. (T-leg is 20" long) 

Gibralter Curved Double Bass Rack

The Gibraltar GRS-850DBL is the perfect rack system for drummers with double bass drum setups. This rack can accommodate drum sets with up to 6 toms. Racks can get your drums... 

Gibraltar Long Cymbal Boom Brake Tilter

The Gibraltar SC-LBBT Long Cymbal Boom Brake Tilter features a 7/8" diameter tube that is 16" in length and an 18" long boom arm (with hinged memory lock). 

Gibraltar Chrome Right Angle Rack Clamp

The Gibraltar Chrome Right Angle Rack Clamp improves the look of standard racks by keeping all of your mounting hardware chrome. 

Gibraltar Rack Shock Microphone Mount

The Gibraltar Rack Shock Microphone Mount attaches a microphone to a drum rack. Shock mount prevents vibration transfer to microphone. 

Gibraltar Rack Gong Stand Mount

The Gibraltar Rack gong stand mounting clamp fits 1.5″ diameter tubes. Comes with S hook for mounting standard rope mount gongs.  

Gibraltar 9608MB Moto Style Drum Throne with Backrest

Gibraltar Pro 9608MB Motocycle Drum Throne with Backrest. What a relief to be able to lean back at those long practices or marathon gigs. Features top grade foam and a moto-s... 

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSRA Right Angle Clamp

This Gibraltar Road Series Right Angle DrumRack Clamp is a fixed 90 degree angle with hinged sides that is designed to hold one Rack Tube to another. 

Gibraltar Power Rack SC-GPRTL T-Leg Support Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-GPRTL T-Leg Clamp allows you to create T-Leg assemblies. Features two key bolts so T-Leg sits solid. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Hoop Guard (2 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-BDHG Bass Drum Hoop Guard protects lacquer bass drum hoops from the bass drum pedal hoop clamp. 2 Pack. 

Gibraltar 9" Pneumatic Caster with Brake

A nine-inch regulation locking caster is mounted directly to the rack, making the entire station mobile. 9-inch Caster only w/brake and full swivel adjustment Rack stations br... 

Gibraltar Short Microphone Boom Arm

The Gibraltar Short Microphone Boom Arm attaches to any cymbal stand and features a black finish with shock mount. 

Gibraltar 9608 Round Vinyl Drum Throne

The Gibraltar 9608 Pro Round Vinyl Drum Throne offers high-end features at an affordable price. Gibraltar Hardware offers a large selection of drum thrones for drumme... 

Gibraltar Medium Cymbal Boom Ratchet Assembly

The Gibraltar SC-CMBRA Medium Cymbal Boom Ratchet with Clamp attaches onto most cymbal stand boom rods, floor tom legs and many tom mounts. Mount cymbals efficiently around y... 

Gibraltar Throne Footrest Attachment

The Gibraltar GTFA Throne Footrest Attachment fits between the Gibraltar throne double leg brace and creates a convenient footrest that is valuable for those long rehearsals w...