Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar Tension Rods - 2 1/4" (6 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-4E Tensions Rods in 2 1/4" length (58mm) and are packaged in a quantity of 6 per pack. This rod fits many floor toms and bass drums. 

Gibraltar Tension Rod Nylon Washers (12 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-12 Nylon Tension Rod Washers are packaged in quantities of 12 per pack and fit most brand tension rods. 

Gibraltar 4" Mini Cymbal Stacker

The Gibraltar MCSA4 Mini Cymbal Stacker features a 4" high post and allows you to add a second cymbal on top of any exisiting cymbal stand / arm. This Cymbal Stacker screws o... 

Gibraltar Large Rubber Feet (3 Pack)

Gibraltar SC-PC07 Large Rubber Feet replace the feet on many cymbal and drum stands. 3 Pack. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Felt Strips

The Gibraltar SC-BF Bass Drum Felt strips give you that classic tone that your vintage bass drums deserve. Two strips are included in the package.  

Gibraltar Bass Drum Practice Pad

The Gibraltar GBDP Bass Drum Practice Pad is 10" in diameter and features an air channel design for real bass drum feel. Three large spurs keep the GBDP securely on carpeted ... 

Gibraltar 7716 Bongo Stand

The Gibraltar 7716 Bongo Stand features sturdy elliptical legs and mounts bongos via an adjustable mounting clip. 

Gibraltar Stealth Transport System Hardware Bag

The Gibraltar GHTB Stealth Transport System features a 32 inch bag with inset wheels that make it easy to transport your Stealth rig from gig to gig. 

Gibraltar Rack Shock Microphone Mount

The Gibraltar Rack Shock Microphone Mount attaches a microphone to a drum rack. Shock mount prevents vibration transfer to microphone. 

Gibraltar Standard Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-4421D Standard Hi-Hat Clutch fits gibraltar rock series 5600 and 6600 and most moderate priced stands. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Platform

The Gibraltar SC-BDPM Bass Drum Platform raises small bass drums 2" off the ground. Fits 18" and 20" bass drums. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Claw Hook (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar Bass Drum Claw Hooks are sold in a 4 pack and fit most bass drum hoops. 

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSRA Right Angle Clamp

This Gibraltar Road Series Right Angle DrumRack Clamp is a fixed 90 degree angle with hinged sides that is designed to hold one Rack Tube to another. 

Gibraltar Medium Weight Boom Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 5709 boom cymbal stand is a 3-tiered stand that provides professional features in a low-mass, double-braced stand. Features 2-point hideaway boom, cast height... 

Gibraltar Swivel Nuts Small 7/32" (12 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-LN 7/32" Small Swivel Nuts fit most tom and snare tension rods. 12 Pack. 

Gibraltar Power Rack SC-GPRTL T-Leg Support Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-GPRTL T-Leg Clamp allows you to create T-Leg assemblies. Features two key bolts so T-Leg sits solid. 

Gibraltar Djembe Stand - Pro GPDS

Gibraltar's Pro Djembe Stand is the strongest stand on the market. This djembe stand is the best option for heavy hitters. It features a telescopic boom arm and is fully adju... 

Gibraltar Rubber Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

The Gibraltar SC-HR1 Rubber Hi-Hat Seat lasts longer than felts and enhances cymbal sustain. 1 per pack. 

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSSMC Super Multi Clamp

Gibraltar Road Series Clamps keep your kit connected and rock solid. The Gibraltar SC-GRSSMC is a Super Multi-Clamp. 

Gibraltar 6706EX Pro Concert Height Snare Stand

The Gibraltar 6706EX pro double braced concert height snare stand features a G-Style height adjust with memory lock and an Ultra Adjust offset basket for unlimited position...