Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar Bass Drum Beater - Felt Beater / Black Shaft

The Gibraltar SC-3260 Bass Drum Beater features a felt beater and standard length black shaft. 

Gibraltar Floor Tom Feet - 10.5mm Floating Style (3 Pack)

Gibraltar SC-FFT Floating Floor Tom Rubber Feet fit 10.5mm floor tom legs. A hollow tip allows each foot to float promoting increased vibration and resonance. 3 Pack. 

Gibraltar 9608 Round Vinyl Drum Throne

The Gibraltar 9608 Pro Round Vinyl Drum Throne offers high-end features at an affordable price. Gibraltar Hardware offers a large selection of drum thrones for drumme... 

Gibraltar Flat Softy Bass Drum Cajon Beater

The Gibraltar Flat Softy Bass Drum Cajon Beater is a unique design with multi-purpose functionality. The three inch round self-aligning beater is made with a thick rubber i... 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Claw Hook (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar Bass Drum Claw Hooks are sold in a 4 pack and fit most bass drum hoops. 

Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Cymbal Boom Arm

Gibraltar's Ultra Adjust Cymbal Boom Arm utilizes two gearless adjustments for 360 degree, infinite placement capabilities and features a hideaway boom cymbal arm. Gre... 

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSAR Adj. Right Angle Clamp

Gibraltar Road Series Clamps keep your kit connected and rock solid. The Gibraltar SC-GRSAR is an Adjustable Right Angle Clamp. 

Gibraltar Flatter Tom Bag

Gibraltar Flatter Bags are a revolutionary concept. With adjustable depth and diameter they make a perfect fit around your drum. They make packing up drums that much easier... 

Gibraltar Single Post Accessory Mount

This Gibraltar Single Post Accessory Clamp attaches to a stand to provide top or bottom mounting abilities for almost any accessory item via its 9.5mm post. 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Platform

The Gibraltar SC-BDPM Bass Drum Platform raises small bass drums 2" off the ground. Fits 18" and 20" bass drums. 

Gibraltar GRB Rack Bag

The Gibraltar GRB Rack Bag is a 54" bag with a plastic insert designed to carry your rack. Fits most manufacturers straight or curved rack systems. Transport your drum... 

Gibraltar Throne Footrest Attachment

The Gibraltar GTFA Throne Footrest Attachment fits between the Gibraltar throne double leg brace and creates a convenient footrest that is valuable for those long rehearsals w... 

Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Snare Basket

The Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Snare Basket GUASB allows you to position your snare drum exactly where you want. No gears, just the easy "Ultra" adjustment to get the exact snar... 

Gibraltar Medium Accessory Table

The Gibraltar SC-MAT Medium Accessory Table with mount attaches to a cymbal stand or rack bar. 12″ x 18″ with 1″ high borders and padded surfaces.  

Gibraltar Cymbal L-Arm Ratchet Assembly

The Gibraltar SC-CLRA Cymbal L-Arm Ratchet Assembly fits onto a 9.5mm - 12.7mm rods and allows you to clamp a small splash or FX cymbal onto an existing boom arm. 

Gibraltar 7614 Concert Cymbal Cradle

The Gibraltar 7614 concert cymbal cradle is one othe best value's out there for the concert or band percussionist. The 7614 holds two hand-held concert cymbals (up to 22" dima... 

Gibraltar Internal Lug Screws and Washers (10 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-ILS Internal Lug Screws are replacement screws for snare, tom, and bass drum lugs. 10 Pack screws with washers. 

Gibraltar Hook Mount for Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar GGCSM Cymbal Stand Hook Mount screws onto any 8mm thread cymbal tilter and allows you to mount small gongs, rope percussion or any accessory that can benefit fro... 

Gibraltar GUBR Universal Backrest

Add a backrest to any throne with the Gibraltar GUBR Universal Backrest. This unit clamps to the post section of a standard throne and is adjustable in height for added back s... 

Gibraltar Gong Stand

The Gibraltar GPRGSL Large Gong Stand is made from 1-1/2" rack tubing allowing for the support of the heaviest gongs. Collapses easily for transport. Gibraltar rack clamps...