Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar Medium Accessory Table

The Gibraltar SC-MAT Medium Accessory Table with mount attaches to a cymbal stand or rack bar. 12″ x 18″ with 1″ high borders and padded surfaces.  

Gibraltar Bass Drum Beater - Felt Beater / Black Shaft

The Gibraltar SC-3260 Bass Drum Beater features a felt beater and standard length black shaft. 

Gibraltar Electronic Mounting Station

The Gibraltar GEMS Electronic Mounting Station is the perfect solution for mounting laptops and other electronic music gear. Great for drummers, guitar players, keyboard playe... 

Gibraltar Internal Lug Screws and Washers (10 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-ILS Internal Lug Screws are replacement screws for snare, tom, and bass drum lugs. 10 Pack screws with washers. 

Gibraltar Gong Stand

The Gibraltar GPRGSL Large Gong Stand is made from 1-1/2" rack tubing. This gong stand supports even the largest gongs. Collapses easily for transport. Gibraltar rack clamps... 

Gibraltar Bongo Mount For Double Conga Stand

The Gibraltar SC-BDCM Bongo Mount attaches to most double conga stands to securely mount a set of bongos. Includes bongo mount from Gibraltar 7616 Bongo Stand and (2) steel m... 

Gibraltar Cymbal Sleeve - Long Flanged Base 8mm (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar 19A Flanged Base Tall Cymbal Sleeve works on any 8mm cymbal post or tilter and features and extended (tall) length that is useful for stands holding cymbals that... 

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-DC Hi-Hat drop clutch disengages and drops the top cymbal by hitting the clutch with a drumstick. Step on the pedal and the clutch attaches itself at origina... 

Gibraltar T-Top from Gems Stand

The T-Top from the Gibraltar Gems stand features a 1 1/2″ cross bar, and 7/8″ down tube.  

Gibraltar 9608M Moto Style Drum Throne

The Gibraltar 9608M Throne makes your seat the best in the house. The Moto Style seat puts less stress on your legs and gives you more mobility for your playing. Too often a t... 

Gibraltar 9608SFT Softy Drum Throne

The Gibraltar 9608SFT "Softy" Drum Thrones features a 5" thick extra soft foam seat for maximum comfort. The softy drum throne allows for hours of playing without the discomf... 

Gibraltar Double Braced Electronics Mounting Stand

The Gibraltar Double Braced Electronics Mounting Stand lets you incorporate your electronic percussion into your set up. Great for Hybrid E-kit set ups D... 

Gibraltar Standard Grabber Multi Clamp

This Gibraltar 4425G Standard 2-Hole Grabber Clamp (also know as a Multi-Clamp) accepts 1/2" through 1" diameter tubing. 

Gibraltar SC-JPM Jaw Percussion Mount

The Gibraltar SC-JPM Jaw Pecussion Mount is a fast, easy way to clamp various percussion items onto most metal drum hoops. This particular mount also works very well fo... 

Gibraltar 7716 Bongo Stand

The Gibraltar 7716 Bongo Stand features sturdy elliptical legs and mounts bongos via an adjustable mounting clip. 

Gibraltar Super L-Rod

The Gibraltar SC-SLR Super L-Rod 10.5mm - 26.5mm x 10.5mm 6 inch knurled mounting area. Fits directly into multi clamp for strength and stability. 

Gibraltar Compact Telescoping Hi-Hat Stand

The Gibraltar GLRHH-SB Compact Telescoping Hi-Hat Stand has a revolutionary design that is infinitely adjustable and compacts down in one piece for easy transport. Because ... 

Gibraltar 9608D Dome Drum Throne

The Gibraltar 9608D Dome Drum Throne stands out from tradition flat throne seats by incorporating ergonomic seating into your setup. The Dome style seat improves circulation,... 

Gibraltar Flatter Bass Drum Bag

Gibraltar Flatter Bags are a revolutionary concept. With adjustable depth and diameter they make a perfect fit around your drum. They make packing up drums that much easier... 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Beater - Wood

The Gibraltar SC-3262 Bass Drum Beater features a wood beater.