Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar 68" Straight Rack Tube

The Gibraltar 68" straight rack extension tube is 1 1/2" chrome steel with plastic end caps. 

Gibraltar Hi Hat Attachment Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-RP171 Hi-Hat Attachment Clamp attaches to bass drum counter hoop to support the hi-hat when used with double bass setup.  

Gibraltar Cymbal Sleeve - Short Flanged Base 8mm (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar 19B Flanged Base Short Cymbal Sleeve works on any 8mm cymbal post or tilter and features a smaller length that is useful for stands holding cymbals that have a s... 

Gibraltar Djembe Stand - Pro GPDS

Gibraltar's Pro Djembe Stand is the strongest stand on the market. This djembe stand is the best option for heavy hitters. It features a telescopic boom arm and is fully adju... 

Gibraltar Trap Table

The Gibraltar 7615 Percussion table gives the percussionist a stable platform to keep all their instruments at the ready. Use it for Shakers or electronic gadgets. There are s... 

Gibraltar Chrome Extension Clamp

The Gibraltar Chrome Extension Clamp is used as an extender clamps are used for combining two shorter bars to make one long bar. Allowing you to connect two 1 1/2" diameter ra... 

Gibraltar Pro Hi-Hat Stand

The Gibraltar 6707 Pro Double Braced Hi-Hat Stand offers pro features while maintaining a compact and lightweight design. The G-style cast height adjustment is rock solid w... 

Gibraltar Pro Boom Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 6709 Pro Double Braced Boom Cymbal Stand offers pro features while maintaining a compact and lightweight design. The G-style cast height adjustments are rock ... 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Practice Pad

The Gibraltar GBDP Bass Drum Practice Pad is 10" in diameter and features an air channel design for real bass drum feel. Three large spurs keep the GBDP securely on carpeted ... 

Gibraltar Medium Weight Boom Cymbal Stand

The Gibraltar 5709 boom cymbal stand is a 3-tiered stand that provides professional features in a low-mass, double-braced stand. Features 2-point hideaway boom, cast height... 

Gibraltar Chrome Quick T-Leg Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-GCRQT quick release T-clamp is designed to attach one bar to another bar at a fixed 90 degree angle but making sure the bars are in-line with each other. 

Gibraltar Tension Rod ABS Washers (10 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-SSW ABS Tension Rod Washers are packaged in quantities of 10 per pack and fit most brand tension rods. 

Gibraltar Ear Protection 4 Pieces in Carry Case

The Gibraltar Ear Protection package features thin rubber ribbed ear plugs providing extra comfort and volume reduction. Two pairs of these ribbed earplugs are included, packa... 

Gibraltar Large Rubber Feet (3 Pack)

Gibraltar SC-PC07 Large Rubber Feet replace the feet on many cymbal and drum stands. 3 Pack. 

Gibraltar Small Accessory Table

The Gibraltar SC-SAT Small Accessory Table with mount attaches to a cymbal stand or rack bar. 12″ x 12″ with 1″ high borders and padded surfaces.  

Gibraltar 36" Straight Rack Tube

The Gibraltar 36" straight rack extension tube is 1 1/2" chrome steel with plastic end caps. 

Gibraltar 6706EX Pro Concert Height Snare Stand

The Gibraltar 6706EX pro double braced concert height snare stand features a G-Style height adjust with memory lock and an Ultra Adjust offset basket for unlimited position... 

Gibraltar Djembe Stand - GDS

This Gibraltar GDS Djembe stand is lightweight and breaks down easily. The djembe stand is designed to fit various manufacturers' djembe drums and features many length and he... 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Beater - Dual Surface Square Head

The Gibraltar SC-DSAB Bass Drum Beater features a dual surface self aligning beater. 

Gibraltar Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-QRHHC saves time and aggravation with its revolutionary design. Just pull on the sleeve and the auto clutch releases. Slip off the felts, mount your hi-hat...