Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar 4 Post Comfort Seat Throne

The Gibraltar 9908 4 post “comfort seat” throne is perfect for long gigs. Being comfortable when you play is crucial to your performance. The 9908 is one of the... 

Gibraltar Conga Stand - Single Large

The Gibraltar Single Large Conga Stand features an exclusive triangular shape allows for tighter drum set-ups. Innovative design accepts most makes and models of congas. Hea... 

Gibraltar Conga Stand - Low / Seated Players GCS-LSP

The Gibraltar GCS-LSP Low Conga Stand is designed for seated playing and features Lightweight yet sturdy design for easy setup / teardown and fits most brands of congas. ... 

Gibraltar Heavy Duty 8mm Wing Nut (2 Pack)

The Gibraltar 13P2 8mm Heavy Duty Wing Nut fits all cymbal stands with an 8mm post. This package includes 2 Wing Nuts. 

Gibraltar Cymbal Felt-Short (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar CFS Short Cymbal Felt is a 3/4" thick cymbal felt. These are packaged in quantities of 4 and help protect cymbals and cymbal stems and threads alike. 

Gibraltar Cymbal Felt-Tall (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar CFL Tall Cymbal Felt is a large 1 1/2" thick cymbal felt. These are packaged in quantities of 4 and help protect cymbals and cymbal stems and threads alike. 

Gibraltar Chrome Extension Clamp

The Gibraltar Chrome Extension Clamp is used as an extender clamps are used for combining two shorter bars to make one long bar. Allowing you to connect two 1 1/2" diameter ra... 

Gibraltar Chrome Quick T-Leg Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-GCRQT quick release T-clamp is designed to attach one bar to another bar at a fixed 90 degree angle but making sure the bars are in-line with each other. 

Gibraltar Turning Point Short Boom Rod with Swing Nut

Gibraltar's SC-SBRA-TP Turning Point Short Boom Rod updates your old boom stand into the 21st century. Never loose a wing nut or cymbal topper again. Because it is part of the... 

Gibraltar 6711S Single Bass Drum Pedal

The Gibraltar 6711S Dual Chain Double Cam Drive single bass drum pedal features the new fast touch “G” pedal board design. Equipped with a dual surface 90 gm we... 

Gibraltar R-Class Universal Hoop Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-GRUC Universal Hoop clamp attaches effortlessly to any triple flange or die cast hoop. Use it to attach accessory arms, floor tom legs, or cymbal holders r... 

Gibraltar Tension Rod ABS Washers (10 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-SSW ABS Tension Rod Washers are packaged in quantities of 10 per pack and fit most brand tension rods. 

Gibraltar PowerRack Practice Pad Drum Set

The Gibraltar PowerRack Practice Pad Drum Set includes everything you need to practice at lower volumes. This set includes four 8″ pads, a bass drum pad, and a small ... 

Gibraltar 5711S Single Bass Drum Pedal

The Gibraltar 5711S single chain CAM drive single bass drum pedal is clean and simple with a quick response. Gibraltar redesigned their pedals and now feature a dual surfac... 

Gibraltar Hide-Away Boom Cymbal Arm

This Gibraltar 5713 Hideaway Cymbal Boom Arm features a Ratchet Tilter for ease of angle positioning. It has a 16.5" length down tube that fits a 3/4" base. The 5713 supports... 

Gibraltar Bass Drum Pedal Spring with Triangle Rod (2 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-0052 Bass Drum Pedal Spring with Triangle Rod replaces the spring assembly on most bass drum pedals with Triangle Rod. 2 Pack. 

Gibraltar Pro Snare Stand

The Gibraltar 6706 Pro Double Braced Snare Stand offers pro features while maintaining a compact and lightweight design. The snare basket’s gear-less brake tilter giv... 

Gibraltar Metal Snare Cord (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-SSC Metal Snare Cord is packaged in quantities of 4 stands per pack. This snare cord features a high test braided cord. 

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

The Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat fits Gibraltar and most professional hi-hat stands with 1" or 5/8" tube. 

Gibraltar Super Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-4420S Super Hi-Hat Clutch utilizes Gibraltar's "Super Grip" clamping mechanism which will not scar the hi-hat pull rod. Fits 8mm rods.