Gibraltar Hardware

Gibraltar Hardware delivers high quality and diverse equipment meeting percussionist needs across many styles, genera and applications.

Gibraltar Medium Weight Snare Drum Stand

The Gibraltar 5706 snare drum stand provides professional features in a low-mass, double-braced stand. Features cast height assembly and round rubber feet for a small profi... 

Gibraltar Flat Base Hi-Hat Stand

The Gibraltar 8707 Flat Base Hi-Hat Stand is a true flat based design that is now lighter and faster with a new direct drive system. This clean design looks and plays great... 

Gibraltar Cymbal Boom Arm with Ratchet Tilter

This Gibraltar Cymbal Boom Arm features a ratchet tilter. Find perfect cymbal positioning as well as confidence in your hardware holding position with Gibraltar. ... 

Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

The Gibraltar Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat fits Gibraltar and most professional hi-hat stands with 1" or 5/8" tube. 

Gibraltar Double Conga Stand

The Gibraltar 9517 double conga stand is designed to fit most L-bracket drum and more importantly, your budget. The adjustable drum mounting guides put your congas in the perf... 

Gibraltar G-Class Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Gibraltar G-Class Double Bass Drum Pedal was inspired by the demand for a pedal that could offer an ideal blend of power, speed, and style. The result is exactly that. ... 

Gibraltar Accessory Shaft Extender

The Gibraltar Accessory Shaft Extender is designed to work with rack setups. Its main function is to extend height of cymbals, toms, electronics, and accessories an additio... 

Gibraltar High Torque Drum Key

The Gibraltar 4245 High Torque Drum Key fits all standard tension rods. Larger shaft and handle section for more tension. Great for tuning marching drums. 

Gibraltar Super Hi-Hat Clutch

The Gibraltar SC-4420S Super Hi-Hat Clutch utilizes Gibraltar's "Super Grip" clamping mechanism which will not scar the hi-hat pull rod. Fits 8mm rods. 

Gibraltar 6711DB Double Bass Drum Pedal

The Gibraltar 6711DB dual chain double cam drive double bass drum pedal features the new fast touch “G” pedal board design. Equipped with a dual surface 90 gm w... 

Gibraltar Port Hole Protector Ring

The Gibraltar Port Holes and Cutter make it easy to port your bass drum heads. Gibraltar protector rings come in white, black, and chrome finishes and are designed to prote... 

Gibraltar Cymbal Felt-Tall (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar CFL Tall Cymbal Felt is a large 1 1/2" thick cymbal felt. These are packaged in quantities of 4 and help protect cymbals and cymbal stems and threads alike. 

Gibraltar Metal Snare Cord (4 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-SSC Metal Snare Cord is packaged in quantities of 4 stands per pack. This snare cord features a high test braided cord. 

Gibraltar 59" Straight Rack Tube

The Gibraltar 59" straight rack extension tube is 1 1/2" chrome steel with plastic end caps. 

Gibraltar Rack Tube Boom Arm Mount

The Gibraltar Rack Tube Boom Arm Mount fits over any 1 1/2" diameter rack tube and allows mounting of most popular cymbal boom arms. 

Gibraltar Tri Drum Key Tool

The Gibraltar GTK Tri Drum Key Tool is three tools in one. This key includes a drum key, hex key and phillips head screwdriver, all in one easy to use package. 

Gibraltar Microphone Shock Mount

The Gibraltar Microphone Shock Mount is designed to prevent vibration noises being picked up by the microphone's diaphragm. Ideal for drum and percussion microphones. ... 

Gibraltar 43.5" Straight Rack Tube

The Gibraltar 43.5" straight rack extension tube is 1 1/2" chrome steel with plastic end caps. 

Gibraltar Stackable Right Angle Clamp

The Gibraltar Stackable Right Angle Clamp allows you to connect two horizontal bars to a common vertical bar on the same axis. The mid section pivots through 180 degrees. 

Gibraltar R Class Dunnett Throw Off

This Gibraltar Snare drum Throw-Off is modeled after the classic Dunnett style mechanism. The design features a 360 degree swivel adjust that for snare tension and rear mounti...