Pearl Fiber Guiro

Pearl Percussion Fiber Guiro includes Plastic Gourd and Metal surfaces. Stick is included. 

LP Torpedo - Small (LP306B)

The LP Torpedo is a dual-purpose instrument that features a textured, stainless-steel body filled with LP's shaker material for guiro-style sound and shaker capabilities.... 

LP Torpedo Scraper

The LP Torpedo Scraper features 12 metal scraping rods and plastic handle. 

CP Fish Style Guiro

The CP Fish Style Guiro is ideal for students and beginners. Similar to its cylinder counterpart but has a fish-like shape. Unique tapered throat and a slot in the body to c... 

CP Cylinder Guiro

The CP Cylinder Guiro is a great value for students and beginning players. Versatile wooden guiro has a scraping surface that wraps around its body. A slot allows the intern... 

Meinl NINO Wood Animal Scrapers

The NINO® Wood Animals are great sounding miniature imitations of a grasshopper, snail, turtle and pig. Scratching the wooden beater on the surface of the instruments c... 

LP Guicharo

The LP Guicharo takes the traditional Puerto Rican instrument and updates it for the modern player in a durable molded plastic. Traditionally the Guicharo is made from a na... 

Meinl Turbo Guiro

The Meinl Turbo Guiro is 9" and made from a rigid synthetic material. The Guiro has three striking surfaces and will produce a bright and cutting authentic Guiro Sound. The Tu... 

LP Mini Merengue Guiro with Scraper

The LP Mini Merengue Guiro is a 9 ¾″ H × 3″ D durable, stainless steel guiro. The attached metal, contoured handle makes it easy to hold in ... 

Meinl NINO Wood Frogs

The NINO® Wood Frogs have gained an enormous popularity over the last few years. Children especially love the authentic “ribbit” sound which is created by s... 

Weiss Frog Rasp - Small (3 1/2)"

This small frog rasp measures approximately 3 1/2" long, and includes a wooden scraper. 

Meinl Merengue Guira

The Meinl Merengue Guiras Large is a large full size Guira. This will produce a variety of tones from subtle to intense. It's uniform construction will give the player a good ... 

Weiss Frog Rasp - Extra Large (8 1/2)"

This extra large frog rasp measures approximately 8 1/2" long, and includes a wooden scraper. 

LP Wooden Guiro Scrapers Package of 6

This is the Wooden Guiro Scraper From LP. designed to give a perfect feel and comes in a package of 6.  

LP Super Guiro Scraper

This is the LP Super Guiro Scraper. It's made from light weight plastic and designed to give a perfect feel when playing the Guiro. 

Weiss Frog Rasp - Large (5 1/2")

This large frog rasp measures approximately 5 1/2" long, and includes a wooden scraper. 

Weiss Frog Rasp - Medium (4 1/2)"

This medium frog rasp measures approximately 4 1/2" long, and includes a wooden scraper. 

Meinl Frog Rasp

The Meinl Frog Rasp is authentic and a perfect addition to a Rasp collection. This instrument is played by scraping the wooden scraper on the along the frog body. It will proj...