Hand-Held Percussion

meinl professional steel jingle stick - red

Meinl Professional Steel Jingle Stick - Red

Use the MEINL JG1R Jingle Sticks to create many interesting sounds and effects. Features Padded grip Guiro style playing surface Mat... 


rhythm tech true colors traditional fiber maracas - large

Rhythm Tech True Colors Traditional Fiber Maracas - Large

RhythmTech True Colors Traditional Fiber Maracas have a bright sound and lively attack. Solid, durable build Traditional maraca sound  


meinl nino claves - small

Meinl Nino Claves - Small

The Meinl Nino Claves are an essential part of any percussion instrument collection. These Small Claves are designed to fit children's small hands perfectly.The Rubber Wood Cl... 


weiss metal guiro

Weiss Metal Guiro

The Weiss Metal Guiro features a hollow, open-ended design with a tightly textured surface that gives a raspy sound with bright overtones. This is a merengue style guiro wh... 


overseas connection ghana double gongs - large (g732c)

Overseas Connection Ghana Double Gongs - Large (G732C)

This Overseas Connection Gonkogwe Double Gongs includes a wooden stick and is approx, 12" long. Dance bells are the life of the rhythm-they are the time-keeper and t... 


pearl percussion tri-agogos (hand-held or mounted)

Pearl Percussion Tri-Agogos (Hand-Held or Mounted)

The Pearl Percussion Tri-Agogos delivers a a classic Agogo sound but with one added feature. Instead of the standard two bell side by side, Pearl has added a third bell. Th... 


weiss coconut maracas

Weiss Coconut Maracas

The Weiss Coconut Maracas feature a shell made from coconut on a wooden handle. The sound delivered is a smooth maraca sound that still has presence. Natural coc... 


weiss basic claves

Weiss Basic Claves

The Weiss Basic Claves are shaped out of a hardwood that delivers a classic musical tone. Sold in pairs  


weiss flexatone

Weiss Flexatone

The Weiss Flexatone creates a saw blade-like sound though varied pitches. Simply bend the playing surface and rhythm shake the strikers.  


meinl african wood claves - redwood

Meinl African Wood Claves - Redwood

The MEINL African Redwood Claves are slightly larger and have a lower fundamental pitch than the Classic Wood Claves. Additionally, the resonating body is larger than the s... 


liberty i hardwood claves

Liberty I Hardwood Claves

The Liberty I Hardwood Claves offer a warm but cutting tone, perfect for any player seeking that traditional "clave" sound.