Hi-Hat Cymbals

dream 15" energy series hi-hat cymbals

Dream 15" Energy Series Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Dream 15" Energy Series Hi-Hat Cymbals are designed to be used in modern amplified musical situations. The Energy series delivers volume with out being harsh. The artic... 

sabian 18" aa sick hi-hat cymbals

Sabian 18" AA Sick Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Sabian AA Stick Hi-Hat Cymbals deliver a completely controllable dry sound. The large holes in the top cymbal plus the unfinished cymbals contribute a heightened level ... 

sabian 14" hhx stage hi-hat cymbals

Sabian 14" HHX Stage Hi-Hat Cymbals

Bright, crisp response is highly versatile, with clean sticking when closed, and a solid wash of sound when open. 

zildjian 14" k custom session hi-hat cymbals

Zildjian 14" K Custom Session Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Zildjian 14" K Custom Session Hi-Hat Cymbals is a unique pairing modeled after Steve Gadd's personal hi-hats. The hi-hats feature a slightly undersized (13 15/16"), med... 

paiste 12" pst 8 reflector cajon hats

Paiste 12" PST 8 Reflector Cajon Hats

The Paiste Cajon Hats are from The PST 8 line. They deliver a clean fast attack, bright, crisp sound with an articulate chick sound. These Hats are made from Paiste'... 

zildjian 15" k sweet hi-hats cymbals

Zildjian 15" K Sweet Hi-Hats Cymbals

The Zildjian K Sweet 15" Hi-Hat Cymbals embrace the tonal qualities of the K Series delivering sweet colorfully dark sounds with a heightened response. This Hi-Hat pair featur... 

zildjian 14" s series mastersound hi-hat cymbals

Zildjian 14" S Series Mastersound Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Zildjian 14" S Series Mastersound Hi-Hats have a bright crisp full bodied sound. The defining characteristic of the Mastersound line is hammered grooves in the bottom c... 

bosphorus 14" lyric series ari hoenig hi-hat cymbals

Bosphorus 14" Lyric Series Ari Hoenig Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Bosphorus Lyric Series 14″ Ari Hoenig signature hi-hats sound reflects the extraordinary musical character of Ari Hoenig.  

zildjian 14" a custom rezo hi-hat cymbals

Zildjian 14" A Custom Rezo Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Zildjian 14-inch A Custom Rezo HiHats possess a bell design that produces extra volume when needed with its medium top and medium-heavy bottom weight while still producing... 

meinl 14" byzance dark hi-hat cymbals

Meinl 14" Byzance Dark Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Meinl B14DAH Byzance Dark 14″ Hi-Hats are have an esoteric, dark sound with a dirty, earthy open hi-hat and a short sustain and chick. The Byzance dark series cym... 

paiste 14" signature sound edge hi-hat cymbals

Paiste 14" Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Paiste 14″ Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals are bright, full, warm, brilliant. Wide range, balanced, focused mix. Responsive feel. Bright, aggressive open soun... 

sabian 16" aax x-plosion hi-hat cymbals

Sabian 16" AAX X-Plosion Hi-Hat Cymbals

Incorporating award-winning SABIAN X-Plosion Crash design, this medium top/medium-heavy bottom pairing provides incredible foot. A high profile bell and sustain-enhancing p... 

bosphorus 15" new orleans series hi-hat cymbals

Bosphorus 15" New Orleans Series Hi-Hat Cymbals

A very light weight hi-hat that plays very light, however, can open up when played aggressively. The hats have a natural dark sound and a crisp and dry "chick". A perfect jazz... 

paiste 14" formula 602 classic sound edge hi-hat cymbals

Paiste 14" Formula 602 Classic Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals

The legendary Paiste 14″ Formula 602 Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals have been faithfully recreated with all of their vintage sound and looks. Renowned and loved for its fi... 

sabian 13" aax x-celerator hi-hat cymbals

Sabian 13" AAX X-Celerator Hi-Hat Cymbals

Sabian 13" AAX X-Celerator Hi-Hat Cymbals are crisp and accurate with 'Air Wave' bottom eliminating air lock for maximum clarity. 

paiste 14" alpha brilliant sound edge hi-hat

Paiste 14" Alpha Brilliant Sound Edge Hi-Hat

The Paiste 14″ Alpha Brilliant Series Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals are bright, warm, edgy, cutting. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Responsive, fairly soft feel. Full, e... 

paiste 14" 2002 heavy hi-hat cymbals

Paiste 14" 2002 Heavy Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Paiste 14″ 2002 Heavy Hi-Hat Cymbals are brilliant, warm, full, high pitched. Wide range, clean mix. Fairly heavy feel. Bright, strong, full open sound. Crisp, fu... 

paiste 14" rude hi-hat cymbals

Paiste 14" Rude Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Paiste 14″ Rude Hi-Hat Cymbals are medium bright, raw, full, and energetic. Wide range, complex mix. Heavy, full feel. Raw, full, loud open sound. Tight, full, cu... 

crescent 14" element hi-hat cymbals

Crescent 14" Element Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Crescent 14" Element Hi-Hat Cymbals are a Medium top/Heavy bottom pairing, fully hand hammered and traditionally lathed, then lined, over top. Crafted from pure Sabian ... 

crescent 14" hammertone hi-hat cymbals

Crescent 14" Hammertone Hi-Hat Cymbals

The Crescent Hammertone 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals are a fully lathed, light-top/medium-bottom pairing. Open sounding, they provide musical sizzle with more wash than typical hats ...