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Hofstra percussion majors should own a basic set of accessory instruments. When you are called for your first professional opportunity, chances are that you will play some sort of accessory instrument.

The Metronome, Tuning fork and Practice Pad is required with the program.

Product Model Price Quantity
Black Swamp 10" Single Row Tambourine - TS1 BLA-TS1 $185.00
Remo Practice Pad - 10" Tunable REM-RT-0010-00 $30.49
Black Swamp 08" Artisan Triangle BLA-AT8 $95.00
Dragonfly Percussion Brass Triangle Beater Set DRA-TSET $87.95 Out of Stock
Cannon Practice Pad Stand - 6mm CAN-UPCPS-6MM $24.95
Wittner Tuning Fork - Square Prongs A-440 WIT-922A $8.95