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Students can choose between the Abel or Sabian Triangle as well as the Weiss and Black Swamp triangle clip.

Students can choose between the Grover and Black Swamp Tambourines.

Students can choose between the Grover WB8 and the Black Swamp MWB2.

Product Model Price Quantity
Alan Abel 06" Symphonic Triangle ABL-6TRI $99.95
Black Swamp Rock Maple Woodblock BLA-MWBX $34.00 Options Available
Gschwendtner-Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions (SET OF 2 CDS ONLY) MPO7855 $26.95
Black Swamp Triangle Clip BLA-TRCLIP $45.00
Grover 10" Projection-Plus Double Row Tambourine - German Silver GRO-T2/GS $187.50
Black Swamp 10" Double Row Tambourine - TC1 BLA-TC1 $199.00
Grover Wood Blocks GRO-WBX $36.75 Options Available
Grover Pro Concert Castanets GRO-GWC-3G $166.50
Vic Firth Tom Gauger TG01 Bass Drum Mallet - General VIC-TG01 $45.99
Vic Firth Tom Gauger TG04 Bass Drum Mallets - Rollers (pair) VIC-TG04 $85.49
Carroll-Orchestral Repertoire for Bass Drum & Cymbals BT2504 $13.45
Sabian 06" Hand Hammered Triangle SAB-61135-6B8H $93.99
Weiss Metal Triangle Clip SW-TRICLIP $10.95
Black Swamp Spectrum 5/16" Medium Triangle Beater BLA-SPEC2 $28.00
Carroll-Orchestral Repertoire for Tambourine, Triangle and Castanets BT 2507 $15.25
Gschwendtner-Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions: Timpani, Percussion 49007581 $29.70