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7th Grade

Below you'll find the required percussion supplies needed as a 7th Grade Percussionist in Irma Marsh Middle School. If you do not have the items on the 6th grade pack, please be sure to purchase whatever items you are missing from that list. - Mr. Dwyer
Product Model Price Quantity
Salyers Jeff Moore Signature Concert Snare Drumsticks SAL-JM2 $12.95 Out of Stock
Salyers Performance Collection Rattan Mallets - 1.125" Poly SAL-PCX13 $34.95
Salyers Etude Series General Hard Timpani Mallet SAL-EGT30 $29.95 Out of Stock
Moongel Damper Pads - Set of 6 with Case (Clear) RTOM-MGC $8.75
Kratt Chromatic C-C Pitch Pipe with Note Selector KRA-MK-2S $27.95 Out of Stock