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James Bowie Middle School

The following list contains the items that you will need as part of the James Bowie Middle School band program. This list is structured so that you may purchase all of these items at once with minimal effort and use them through 7 years of instruction as part of the Travis High School Cluster. By purchasing this equipment students will have a solid foundation for their percussion studies with minimal purchases asked in the future. The list found here includes everything students will need for their first year except for black towels, keyboard (marimba) rental, and other items supplied by the school.
Product Model Price Quantity
Chapple-Packet, The CHAPPLEPACKET $29.99
Innovative IPLD Lalo Davila Hickory Concert Snare Drumsticks INN-IPLD $9.75
Innovative Rattan Series AA20 Medium Soft Rattan Mallets INN-AA20 $44.95
Yamaha Black Folding Music Stand with Carry Bag YAM-MS1000 $9.95
Yamaha Concert Snare Drum Stand (SS665) YAM-SS665 $89.95
Boss DB-30 Dr. Beat Metronome ROL-DB-30 $40.99
Innovative Field Series FSBK2 Bret Kuhn Velocity Marching Snare Drumsticks INN-FSBK2 $10.75
Innovative MB3 Large Cordura Mallet Bag INN-MB3 $55.75
Promark JH2 Jonathan Haas Staccato Timpani Mallets PRO-JH2 $35.49
Evans HQ 12" RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad HQ-RF12D $29.95
Malletech Bob Becker BB34 Medium Rattan Xylo/Bell Mallets "Becker Blues" MAL-BB34 $30.49
Innovative Soloist Series IP240 Medium Birch Marimba Mallets INN-IP240 $31.95