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Method Books, Etudes, Solos

Enclosed you will find a list of required books. Please purchase these materials before your next lesson.

If you already have the Cirone book, then please purchase Delécluse - Douze Etudes (12 Studies for Snare Drum).

If you already have the Goodman and Hochrainer books, then please purchase Woud - Symphonic Studies For Timpani

Product Model Price Quantity
Rieppi-Snare Drum Technique 0650 $31.50
Woud-Symphonic Studies for Timpani 44004026 $22.00
Bach-Six Sonatas and Partitas for Violin-Galamian 2525 $33.25
Hochrainer-Etuden for Timpani (Vol. 1) 05 801 $29.99 Out of Stock
Delecluse-Method for Snare Drum AL 23983 $31.50
Cirone-Portraits in Rhythm HAB00101 $11.70
Green-Instruction Course for Xylophone 00317044 $31.50
Delecluse-Twelve Studies for Snare Drum AL 23410 $17.99
Hochrainer-Etuden for Timpani (Vol. 2) 05 802 $30.99 Out of Stock
Pratt-14 Modern Contest Solos EL41016 $7.15
Zeltsman-Four-Mallet Marimba Playing 06620055 $22.50
Becker-Becker's Best: Technical Exercises for Xylophone/ Marimba BECKERBEST $13.50 Out of Stock
Stevens-Method of Movement for Marimba MOM/P $31.50
Goodman-Modern Method for Timpani 11424 $18.90