Liberty One Rack

On a wide variety of instruments, every drummer or percussionist uses a unique setup to maximize comfortability and connection to their instruments. This journey to finding what is best for ones needs can lead to acquiring lots of gear, some of which can be very costly. The Liberty One Rack, is a collection of interchangeable components, mounts and hardware allowing players to customize the perfect set up for their needs.

The backbone of the Liberty One Rack system is the high quality, light weight, square 1″ tubing which is outfitted with 8mm holes. This allows One Rack to accept several proprietary components, and instruments made by several manufacturers. Additionally, any 8mm third party components are compatible as well. V-Clamp and upper tubes are included in the system, allowing One Rack to be connected to standard hardware and mounts.

Cymbal stacks, as well as mounts for crotales, almglocken, and temple blocks are only a few of the options offered by One Rack. With parts that are easily interchangeable, unique customization has never been easier.

Liberty One Rack - 8mm Coupling Nut

The 8mm Coupling Nut is part of the One Rack system. This handy little nut allows you to couple together multiple 8mm threaded mounting rods.