LP Latin Percussion

During the 1960's Martin Cohen became captivated by the New York Latin Jazz scene. Cohen wanted a set of authentic bongos but trade embargoes of the time made the Cuban instrument unavailable. Martin applied his engineering background and created a set himself. A few short years later Martin founded Latin Percussion. Using the Jazz clubs as his research and development labs Cohen refined the traditional instruments to add modern features creating products musicians truly love.

lp richie garcia series top tuning congas

LP Richie Garcia Series Top Tuning Congas

LP is pleased to introduce a line of congas and bongos to celebrate the unique style of noted percussionist and recording artist Richie "Gajate" Garcia. Available in ... 



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lp dolmayan signature mini timbales

LP Dolmayan Signature Mini Timbales

The Dolmayan Pack consists of a pair of Signature Mini Timbales and a bonus Cha-Cha bell . The timbales have a special provenance. They're fashioned after LP's he... 


lp hi-hat shekere

LP Hi-Hat Shekere

The LP Hi-Hat Shekere (LP485) mounts to any standard hi-hat pull rod. Its durable fiberglass shell has a unique flattened-sphere shape without the traditional "throat" of a go... 


lp jam block - medium pitch red (lp1207)

LP Jam Block - Medium Pitch Red (LP1207)

The LP1207 Medium Pitch Jam Block is crafted from LP's exclusive plastic formulation, Jenigor. The LP research team designed LP Jam Blocks to have the rich sounds of wood b... 


lp 10" rio wood pandeiro - natural head

LP 10" Rio Wood Pandeiro - Natural Head

The LP 10″ Rio Wood Panderio features a 1 ¾″ deep hardwood shell and white natural skin head. 6 sets of Pandeiro jingles produce a authentic Brazi... 


lp cuban style guiro (lp249)

LP Cuban Style Guiro (LP249)

The LP Cuban Style Guiro is true to its Latin roots. This hand-crafted instrument is made from carefully selected natural gourds. It features properly spaced grooves for a "dr... 


lp 12.5" galaxy giovanni djembe

LP 12.5" Galaxy Giovanni Djembe

Latin Percussion Series Galaxy Djembes are crafted of premium, kiln dried, North American Ash that feature hand selected goat skin heads. Traditional shell contour and the 25... 


latin percussion timbale sticks - 1/2"x16 5/8" - 4pr (248d)

Latin Percussion Timbale Sticks - 1/2"X16 5/8" - 4Pr (248D)

Hickory wood - 4 Pair per box. 


lp generation iii triple bongos - traditional rims

LP Generation III Triple Bongos - Traditional Rims

LP Generation III Triple Bongos have the same 9" and 7-1/4" head sizes as the regular LP Generation III Bongos but with a third 5 1/2" diameter bongo added. The third bongo p... 


lp professional merengue guira

LP Professional Merengue Guira

One of the driving rhythmic forces in a Merengue band. this LP304 Professional Guira features a durable stainless steel shell that recreates the sound of the traditional instr... 


lp jam block - stealth black with mount (lp1208k)

LP Jam Block - Stealth Black With Mount (LP1208K)

LP's original, innovative and patented Jam Block is the best-selling block on the market. In that spirit, LP introduces the Stealth Jam Block (LP 1208-K). The only app... 


greiner-community drumming for health & happiness (vhs)

Greiner-Community Drumming for Health & Happiness (VHS)

Community Drumming for Health and Happiness with Jim Greiner is a fun, exciting and comprehensive video showing drummers of all levels how to join in the passion and spirit of... 


latin percussion timbale sticks - tito puente sig. 13" (655)

Latin Percussion Timbale Sticks - Tito Puente Sig. 13" (655)

1 pair of the shorter version of the Tito Puente Signature Series Timbale Sticks. 


lp compact conga mounting system (lp826m)

LP Compact Conga Mounting System (LP826M)

The LP Compact Mounting System features: Will allow mounting of up to TWO Compact Congas Tiltable Bracket to suit players preference Compact design allows t... 


lp patato fiberglass congas

LP Patato Fiberglass Congas

Carlos "Patato" Valdez's remarkable career and groundbreaking multi-conga technique has had a powerful impact on countless drummers, percussionists, and music lovers. His cont... 



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lp gajate bracket (lp388n)

LP Gajate Bracket (LP388N)

The gajate bracket, which takes its name from famed LP artist Richie "Gajate" Garcia, who collaborated in its development, secures a variety of LP instruments, from cowbells ... 


lp afuche/cabasa - deluxe wood (lp234c)

LP Afuche/Cabasa - Deluxe Wood (LP234C)

The LP Afuche/Cabasa was designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns. The beads can be manipulated against the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or sha... 


lp granite block set (lp1210)

LP Granite Block Set (LP1210)

LP Granite Blocks are the modern version of the ancient Chinese temple blocks. Crafted from Jenigor, LP's exclusive plastic formulation, LP Granite Blocks are a set of fi... 


lp 04" triangle

LP 04" Triangle

Designed with the recording percussionist in mind, LP Pro Triangles have become an integral part of all styles of music. Made from a specially selected high alloy stee... 


lp 6" rio wood tamborim

LP 6" Rio Wood Tamborim

The LP Rio Wood Tamborim features a 6″ head and 1 ¾″ deep wood shell. The black synthetic head is easily tunable using the 10 tuning screws and in...