LP Latin Percussion

During the 1960's Martin Cohen became captivated by the New York Latin Jazz scene. Cohen wanted a set of authentic bongos but trade embargoes of the time made the Cuban instrument unavailable. Martin applied his engineering background and created a set himself. A few short years later Martin founded Latin Percussion. Using the Jazz clubs as his research and development labs Cohen refined the traditional instruments to add modern features creating products musicians truly love.

lp karl perazzo signature timbales

LP Karl Perazzo Signature Timbales

LP has introduced the new timbales carrying the Karl Perazzo name tag, continuing a tradition of collaborating with Karl to produce instruments that deliver signature sounds. ... 


latin percussion timbale sticks - 7/16"x16 5/8" - 6pr (248c)

Latin Percussion Timbale Sticks - 7/16"X16 5/8" - 6Pr (248C)

Hickory wood - 6 Pair per box. 


lp mini everything rack (lp472)

LP Mini Everything Rack (LP472)

The LP Mini Everything Rack is a compact 7" long rack with two rod mounting locations. Two extra-long 3/8" diameter knurled Z rods are included that allow products to be mount... 


latin percussion timbale sticks - 7/16"x16 5/8" - 6pr (246c)

Latin Percussion Timbale Sticks - 7/16"X16 5/8" - 6Pr (246C)

Misc wood - 6 Pair per box. 


lp afuche/cabasa - large wood (lp234b)

LP Afuche/Cabasa - Large Wood (LP234B)

The LP Afuche/Cabasa was designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns. The beads can be manipulated against the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or sha... 


lp jam block - low pitch with guiro purple (lp1209)

LP Jam Block - Low Pitch With Guiro Purple (LP1209)

LP is pleased to announce the introduction of a new LP1209 Guiro Jam Block. Call this one the bass voices of the LP Jam Blocks These are popular percussive add-ons t... 


lp cajon

LP Cajon

The Cajon has become extremely popular and for good reason. The square-ish box offers delightful tones, sometimes muted and sometimes open, which simulate everything from b... 


latin percussion timbale sticks - 1/2"x16" - 4pr (246d)

Latin Percussion Timbale Sticks - 1/2"X16" - 4Pr (246D)

Hickory Wood - 4 Pairs per box. 


lp multi-guiro (lp452)

LP Multi-Guiro (LP452)

The LP Multi-Guiro is a patented, compact, dual stainless steel surface, metal guiro and shaker all in one. One surface features large raised grooves, similar to the Cuban gu... 


lp jam block - hi pitch blue (lp1205)

LP Jam Block - Hi Pitch Blue (LP1205)

The LP1205 Hi Pitch Jam Block is crafted from LP's exclusive plastic formulation, Jenigor. The LP research team designed LP Jam Blocks to have the rich sounds of wood block... 


latin percussion timbale sticks - 3/8"x15" - 6pr (248b)

Latin Percussion Timbale Sticks - 3/8"X15" - 6Pr (248B)

Hickory wood - 6 Pair per box. 


lp matador wood congas

LP Matador Wood Congas

LP Matador Congas from Latin Percussion are ideal for the working musician who desires good sound and quality at a moderate price level. Matador Congas are 30" tall... 



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lp soft shake (lp441)

LP Soft Shake (LP441)

The softest sounding shaker we make, LP SoftShake, is perfect for recording or when a delicate sound is needed. This set of two small plastic shakers is connected by tw... 


lp bar chimes - studio 72 bar double row (513)

LP Bar Chimes - Studio 72 Bar Double Row (513)

LP Bar Chimes are designed for virtually any musical setting and are crafted from a specially formulated tempered aluminum alloy to provide bright sound and great tonal divers... 


lp ice bell - 9" (lp403)

LP Ice Bell - 9" (LP403)

LP Ice Bells deliver a sharply cutting bell sound that has become a favorite percussion accent in all styles of music. They are crafted of a custom cast alloy for brilliant a... 


lp pro shekere (lp483)

LP Pro Shekere (LP483)

The LP Pro Shekere produces loud, high-pitched shaker and rattle sounds. The large fiberglass body, thick neck and wide mouth produce extremely low bass tones when struck on t... 


lp performance gig tray

LP Performance Gig Tray

The LP Performance Tray features a 21"x8" tray with a rubber surface for quiet placement, lined molded rubber edge and grooved to hold maracas, drumsticks or claves, and a tra... 


lp king klave (lp597)

LP King Klave (LP597)

LP King Klave is the loudest clave available and is made of specially formulated fiberglass. This nearly indestructible construction yields an incredibly loud “cuttin... 


lp merengue guiro (lp305)

LP Merengue Guiro (LP305)

The LP Merengue Guiro is one of the driving rhythmic forces in a Merengue band. This large stainless-steel guiro features a hollow, open-ended design with a tightly textured s... 


lp compact bongos

LP Compact Bongos

Rarely does a percussionist reach the level of excellence of Giovanni Hidalgo. He has traveled the globe, performing with Dizzie Gillespie, "El Rey" Tito Puente, Carlos Santan...