LP Latin Percussion

During the 1960's Martin Cohen became captivated by the New York Latin Jazz scene. Cohen wanted a set of authentic bongos but trade embargoes of the time made the Cuban instrument unavailable. Martin applied his engineering background and created a set himself. A few short years later Martin founded Latin Percussion. Using the Jazz clubs as his research and development labs Cohen refined the traditional instruments to add modern features creating products musicians truly love.

lp jim greiner shekere

LP Jim Greiner Shekere

The LP484 Jim Greiner Shekere combines a durable fiberglass shell with the sound of a natural gourd. The shell shape is modeled after a natural gourd and is very lightweight ... 


lp galaxy giovanni series wood bongos

LP Galaxy Giovanni Series Wood Bongos

LP Galaxy Giovanni Series Wood Bongos are the finest wood bongos in the music world today. Now crafted of sonically superior North American Ash, they have been manufactured to... 


lp aspire timbales - 13/14 chrome finish (lpa256)

LP Aspire Timbales - 13/14 Chrome Finish (LPA256)

LP Aspire Timbales are a great and affordable place to begin learning the magic of timbale playing, whether used traditionally or as an addition to a drum kit. - 13" an... 


lp clave - grenadilla (lp261)

LP Clave - Grenadilla (LP261)

Clave is the rhythmic pattern that forms the basis of Latin music. Clave is phrased in what is known as a 3/2 (forward clave) or 2/3 (backward clave) feel. That is, three beat... 


lp ching chok (lp230)

LP Ching Chok (LP230)

The LP Ching Chok is a double-ended instrument. Each end carries a pair of hard, wooden balls that are supported by spring steel and strike against the rosewood sound chamber.... 


lp ice bell - 7" (lp402)

LP Ice Bell - 7" (LP402)

LP Ice Bells deliver a sharply cutting bell sound that has become a favorite percussion accent in all styles of music. They are crafted of a custom cast alloy for brilliant a... 


lp compact conga - giovanni 11 3/4" (lp826)

LP Compact Conga - Giovanni 11 3/4" (LP826)

The LP Giovanni Compact Conga is a slim-line, frame like drum that produces an amazingly conga tone suitable for practice, live, or studio, produces most sounds of a full size... 


lp 06" micro snare drum

LP 06" Micro Snare Drum

The LP 6" Micro Snare Drum's shell is reduced to pocket dimensions: 3 1/4" X 6", yet it carries a big sound. If we were talking automobiles, it would be a hybrid, not a compac... 


latin percussion timbale sticks - tito puente sig. 15" (656)

Latin Percussion Timbale Sticks - Tito Puente Sig. 15" (656)

1 pair of the longer version of the Tito Puente Signature Series Timbale Sticks. 


lp aspire wood conga set with stand

LP Aspire Wood Conga Set with Stand

The LP Aspire wood conga sets feature 10″ and 11″ drums and include a chrome plated height adjustable LP Aspire Double Conga Stand. The drums measure 28″ ... 



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lp 10" rio wood pandeiro

LP 10" Rio Wood Pandeiro

The LP 10″ Rio Wood Panderio features a 1 ¾″ deep hardwood shell and black synthetic head. 6 sets of Pandeiro jingles produce a authentic Brazilia... 


lp rio tamborim striker

LP Rio Tamborim Striker

The LP Rio Tamborim Striker features nylon tines and comfortable grip. This lightweight beater produces an authentic sound.  


lp flex-a-tone large (lp1-8)

LP Flex-A-Tone Large (LP1-8)

The LP Flex-A-Tone is a unique instrument that creates a wave of eerie, saw blade-like sounds though varied pitches. Bend the spring steel with thumb pressure as the wo... 


lp agogo mounting bracket (lp571)

LP Agogo Mounting Bracket (LP571)

Features steel construction and easily mounts to any 3/8" diameter rod. 


lp afuche/cabasa - mini plastic (lp234bk)

LP Afuche/Cabasa - Mini Plastic (LP234Bk)

The LP Afuche/Cabasa was designed to create rhythmic scraping sounds and patterns. The beads can be manipulated against the textured steel or the instrument can be spun or sha... 


lp clave - african exotic hardwood (lp212r)

LP Clave - African Exotic Hardwood (LP212R)

LP African Clave follows African tradition with a larger clave (12" L x 1 3/4" W) and smaller striker (10" L x 1" W), as well as a cut-away sound chamber. The cut-away design ... 


lp bongo stand - aspire strap lock (lpa245)

LP Bongo Stand - Aspire Strap Lock (LPA245)

At the heart of the no-frills design is a strong, no-stretch nylon strap that wraps around the center block of bongos for quick and secure set up. That strap may be tightened ... 


lp bass drum mounting cowbell bracket (lp338)

LP Bass Drum Mounting Cowbell Bracket (LP338)

The LP Bass Drum Cowbell Mounting Bracket securely clamps to the edges of bass drum hoops. The 6" long 3/8" diameter knurled mounting rod allows for convenient mounting of LP ... 


lp compact conga - giovanni 11" (lp825)

LP Compact Conga - Giovanni 11" (LP825)

The LP Giovanni Compact Conga is a slim-line, frame like drum that produces an amazingly conga tone suitable for practice, live, or studio, produces most sounds of a full size... 


lp bongo bag

LP Bongo Bag

The LP Bongo Bag features quilted foam padding that provides dependable protection. Strong nylon construction and a double-slide zipper. Removable shoulder strap and reinfor...